Hello friends.

Just recently, I made two laptop related videos for a friend and want to get some thoughts, reviews etc on quality, shortcomings, style and how can they be improved. The theme for both the videos is the same, i.e. Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000 in 2018 (For the US market).

The actual article is on this site (a new one that belongs to a friend of mine) called Laptops Park: Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000 (review)

Using the material on that page, I made these 2 videos. One is very short (about 1 minute) and the other is much longer (~4 minutes).

Here is the shorter one: Video: Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000 for 2018

and here is the longer version: Video: Best Laptop for Gamers in 2018 under $1000

Which one is better, and why? How can I improve the longer version.

Both videos embedded below:

Smaller one

and the Longer one

Note, I am NOT askingfor the quality of the review or the laptop selection (although if you want to comment on that, most welcome).

If anyone is interested how I created these, I will be most happy to tell