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    Thread: BSCS OR BSSE for Game programming?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Taimoor Baig View Post
      I also wanted to ask that What is the required percentage of Intermediate to get admission in UBIT for BSCS?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Thanks in advance
      focus more on the courses you wanna take and which uni offers it
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      Quote Originally Posted by Taimoor Baig View Post
      Heading explains all. Need help. Thanks in advance.

      I am pretty late to reply. Sorry for that, but definitely as everyone mentioned earlier go for BS (CS).
      It is more vast and you touch every field slightly which gives you an edge at time of your final year
      project/thesis to decide better about your research interest or specialization. It also depends on universities and their faculty.
      What they have to offer, when I did my bachelors we were lucky to have diverse faculty at COMSATS Islamabad to give us in
      depth view of computer graphics, AI and simulation in general and much more.
      Software engineering will also be part of CS degree program, there are definitely 3-4 courses.

      So, its not just the degree, you definitely need to look at the courses and faculty of your intended university.
      Also, once you have good grip on C++ programming language, you can easily land into game programming by doing some extra courses online.

      Now a days, it is very easy to get insight of game programming and development for FREE courses on UDEMY and UDACITY ( New generation is very lucky =D ).
      Look for courses of C++. As a starter, I would definitely not recommend to use GAME ENGINEs, as first you should brush up your concepts of C++ and OOP.
      Once you get good knowledge of how everything works under the hood. Then you can use any tool to make an application.


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      Bhai ji...meray jaan kay tottay..DO NOT ever rely on degrees to get you through. Its all about making skills. You can leave the degree aside and work on your skills as well.



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