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    Thread: [ Game Design ] Why We need to Evolve in Interactive Storytelling & Narrative Gameplay ?

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      Quote Originally Posted by EternalBlizzard View Post
      Doesn't this imply a potential demand for good script writers and other people from the B.A/film side more? Just thinking. Always thought that these days the industry didn't focus much on the plot/story and much of the people behind these elements are senior members who originated from the Science/programming side. Compare previous titles like Crysis 1 vs now, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory/Conviction vs now, MGS previous titles vs now and we can see.

      As you said if the focus is changing towards more storytelling, then the industry should start looking for better Arts people for God's sake
      mostly groups are following novels and series or movies stuff n turning into games, AAA games are like playing novels , those got heavy shit loaded with lore

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      First of all, Great article. I read through it all without getting bored, which is rare.

      So, some back ground, i have been learning how to make games since I was 9 back in 2008. I have been actively developing games since the last 4-5 years, But I am yet to finish a project as I cant focus on one project for too long and get new ideas. And Im also a perfectionist and cant really like what i make unless its perfect.

      And I believe that games are the most versatile form of media, you can make a game anyway you want you can make a game that is close to music and can also make a game that is close to a novel, two very different forms of media. I think that the 'unfun' aspect of some games make them worth playing, eg. The Walking Dead series, now Granted in my book it isn't a game per-se but it is literally the best narrative experience out there, along with games like The Last of us and Life is strange(not a fan of LIS). And then there are games like The Elder Scrolls series, these games have arguably infinite amounts of things to do thus are infinitely 'fun' they might not have the greatest narrative but they have their 'skill points' invested in other aspects that make these games alot better in terms of replayability. At the end of the day gaming is and will remain the "Most Versatile Form Of Media".



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