Much like a jump scare, this came out of nowhere

Out of nowhere, Outlast ó the 2013 survival horror game ó has appeared on the Nintendo Switch eShop.
Publisher Red Barrels previously announced that it would bring both Outlast and its 2017 sequel, Outlast 2, to Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2018. A post on the franchiseís Facebook page even showed a developer playing a pre-release build of the game on Switch. Yet the company never got more specific about a release date, and hasnít spoken about the Switch port since December.
The Nintendo Switch version of the game, Bundle of Terror, includes the Outlast and its downloadable content. Thatís a prequel called Whistleblower, which launched about a year after Outlast did.
Itís totally appropriate for something like Outlast to spring up on the eShop out of nowhere. Set in a disturbed, destroyed asylum, the game leaves you empty-handed and facing down plenty of creeps jumping out of the shadows.
And as we learned from Yellface, our letís-play series of Outlast 2, there are only more to come in the sequel. Thereís no word yet on when Outlast 2 will arrive on Switch, but we wouldnít be surprised if that was a stealth release too.
Update: Outlast: Bundle of Terror is now available on the U.S. eShop, even though the website says itís not launching until March 27. (This seems to be an error, since the launch trailer for the Switch version, which weíve added to this article, says the game is available today.) The trailer also notes that Switch owners can pre-order Outlast 2, although thereís no page for the game on the eShop site yet.