10 Mega Man games on the go

Nintendo Switch owners will get a double dose of classic Mega Man games in May, whenMega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 come to the portable console. The two collections, featuring 10 Mega Man games in total, will be released digitally and at retail, Capcom confirmed today.
The Nintendo Switch eShop release of Mega Man Legacy Collection will cost $14.99, whileMega Man Legacy Collection 2 will cost $19.99. If you want a physical copy, that goes for $39.99 and includes the first collection on the game card, with a download code forCollection 2.
In addition to Mega Man 1-10, the collection features a challenge mode with remixed stages and online leaderboards; a sound mode that lets players listen to the games’ music; and museum mode, featuring “a plethora of rare and insightful development archives.”
Capcom also detailed the games’ previously announced amiibo support on Switch.
“If you have a regular or golden Mega Man amiibo, you’ll also gain access to eleven additional fan-made challenges [in Mega Man Legacy Collection] previously exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of the game and now making their console debut on Nintendo Switch,” Capcom said on its official blog. The second collection will have unspecified “new challenges” for players to unlock with amiibo.
Screenshots of Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 are in the gallery below. Both collections will be available on May 22.