A lesson on the difference between ‘mythical’ and ‘legendary’Pokémon players are getting a chance to collect a wide variety of legendary monsters starting next month, The Pokémon Company announced. Between February through November, fans will be able to download a different pair of legendaries into their Nintendo 3DS Pokémon games.First, here is the full list of giveaways and when you can go collect them through the games’ Mystery Gift functionality.February: Dialga and PalkiaMarch: Regigas and HeatranApril: Entei and RaikouMay: Xerneas and YveltalJune: Shiny ZygardeJuly: Tornadus and ThundurusAugust: Groudon and KyogreSeptember: Latias and LatiosOctober: Reshiram and ZekromNovember: Ho-Oh and Lugia