The hidden springs of Khuzdar in Balochistan.

Contrary to popular belief, Balochistan is not a deserted area. It is so much more. From lofty mountain ranges and salt mines to lakes and waterfalls the province is blessed with unique landscapes.

Moola Chotok Khuzdar is a hidden sanctuary located somewhere in the middle of the Khuzdar District. It is isolated, quiet and utterly sublime. Have a look!

1. The village of Moola is approximately 80 km from Khuzdar, a small valley situated at an elevation of 1,237 metres.

2. Surrounded by vigorous greenery and tall cliffs, the cascading waterfalls known as Chotok is a delightful surprise for the visitors.

3. The hidden gem is renowned for its massive mountains, textured rocks, bubbling streams and hot springs.

4. The largest river of the Khuzdar region is Moola River that flows between the mountains throughout the year.

5. The river and streams are flourishing with various kind of fish unique to this area.

6. Besides fish, several vegetables and crops are grown here. They include lady-fingers, pumpkins, onions, tomatoes, wheat and rice.

7. People here speak the language called Brabui.

8. This wonderful place in the middle of nowhere is superb for a serene vacation.

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