Following Europe and Japanís bundle

A Super Nintendo-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL has appeared on Amazonís U.S. websitedespite no official announcement from Nintendo so far.
First spied this morning by Wario64 on Twitter, the handheld is $199.99 and has a Nov. 27 launch date. Amazon is taking pre-orders.
Europe got an SNES-themed 3DS on Oct. 13 (announced Aug. 22 at GamesCom). That design was the same as the one launched last March in Japan. Of course, the consoleís design in those two regions was different, so the North American version of the SNES 3DS XL isnít the same.
SNES games have been available on the 3DS Virtual Console since March 2016, but only for the New Nintendo 3DS, not earlier models.
Hereís a closer look at the unitís design.

sooo getting this... though the snes europe design i think is cooler with the red, blue and yellow buttons