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    Thread: Call of Duty WW2 Beta review: Why is the COD franchise is dying?

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      Call of Duty WW2 Beta review: Why is the COD franchise is dying?

      (Please share your criticisms below, as this is my first review)

      As COD WW2 is still in beta hence, there is a lot of things that will left unwritten. After playing the COD World War 2 beta this game seems like a decent Call of Duty but that is not saying a lot because the Standard COD formula is very outdated at this point. By the beta, it seems that the developers are extremely hesitant to leave their comfort zone they have been in since 2010. The problem with this is that gaming has made huge strides forward for example Battlefield, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege etc. Coming back to COD which has not made significant new developments since 2010 except for becoming futuristic which was not well received well by the fans except for Black Ops 3.

      The graphics are on par with Call of Duty Ghosts to be honest. When you play Battlefield 1 which is like an aesthetic masterpiece and then come back and play this, you will feel let down and disappointed. It really feels like going back in time. The multiplayer is bread and butter Call of duty. The TTK(time to kill) is very short hence in most cases of 1v1 gunfights, it is all about who saw and subsequently short whom first. The scorestreaks are mostly the same for example Recon Aircraft is just the UAV, Glide bomb is the predator missile and so on. Basically if you have played any boots on the ground Call of duty then congratulation you have played Call of Duty WW2. To be fair, if you have enjoyed the last call of Duty, then you will enjoy this too. Graphics (6.5/10) Sound (8/10) Gameplay (6/10)

      The maps are the still the same old COD map design. They have these three major lanes along with a big open space in the middle. The multiplayer experience felt very bare-bones without the mobility stuff that they added in the futuristic CODs such as Advanced Warfare, Black ops 3. Map design (7.5/10). I think this is the reason COD developers were very hesitant to leave the futuristic style of gameplay. This really shows the skill gap compression and how little depth there is to the COD multiplayer. This does not mean that the future mobility stuff is the answer. The true answer is staring everybody in the face.

      The answer is new war mode, which has thoroughly impressed me. This is essentially a game mode in which there are two teams of 6 players. One team is the offensive team whose goal is to push up the man while the defensive team has to stop them. There are four stages and in each stage, the offensive team has to complete some set objectives such as building a bridge under fire or escort a tank etc. This new game mode makes COD feel immersive for once. It is not like your usual match of Search and Destroy in which everyone is hiding while simultaneously searching for everyone, in the hope that you can kill him before he kills you. A normal match of COD feels like a weird game of Hide-and-go-Seek which has no rhythm or reason to where enemies will be situated. There is resemblance of any narrative or context where as in the new war mode, it actually feels like you have to push up under fire behind enemy lines to take the objective.

      It’s the same fast paced gameplay but formatted in such a manner that it has more depth and replay value as compared to the monotony that is the traditional Call of duty multiplayer experience. But the real question is: Is it too little, too late or is it a game changing moment for COD(excuse the bad pun). War mode feels amazing but it still feels outdated and lackluster as compared to the caliber of COD’s competitors. It has a lot of potential but it feels as if, they have not capitalized on it as much. To be very honest, it feels like a bad knockoff of Battlefield’s operations game mode but more importantly they could have done this 10 years ago. It is not taking advantage of any new hardware or software. It the same old engine with the same very bland graphics. It seems like nowadays COD’s strategy is to wait out its competition and then rip off their innovations. They did the same thing with titanfall and now Battlefield’s operations gamemode. Because of all of these reasons, I have given lasting appeal a score of (4/10).

      It is very tragic because they have the resources and the name brand recognition to really make creative leaps. But now COD has really fallen so far from its days of peak performance during the days of Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops. All in all, I give Call of Duty: WW2 an overall score of [7/10 - A step in the right direction but very mediocre].
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