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    Thread: Rules are so complicated

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      Angry Rules are so complicated

      So I made two posts, one of a computer that Im selling and another of a mobile. An admin, deleted both of my posts saying they didn't have the pictures with my name tag, even tho they did. The post with the computer didn't have a Harddrive test but it had the pictures with my nametag and everything. Keeping that aside the mobile post got deleted too even tho it had the pictures of the mobile and my nametag with them.

      Well once both the posts got deleted. I made a new post for the mobile still posting all the pictures.
      These were the pictures:Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

      And the post got deleted for posting a duplicate thread? WTH? How is it duplicate when you yourself deleted the last thread yesterday. It wasn't even the same day!

      I don't remember having any personal grudge with that admin.

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        AbbY's Avatar

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      Okay let me address this piece by piece.

      First of all, the rules are complicated. Yep. Agreed 100%. Which is why, we are working on bringing a whole new marketplace experience very soon, with much less complications, much simpler rules, and much less need for active moderation. Please bear with us while we transition to that stage!

      That being said. Let me explain why the name+PG on a paper rule was introduced. This modification to the original rule was made by myself and the reason I did that was because what people would do was, they'd take pictures of other peoples products [to scam]. So basically lets say a person named 'ABC' has uploaded pictures of his product on another forum. A scammer saves those pictures, makes an account on PG with the name 'ABC' and tries to sell the product by putting up those pictures. Then, after striking a deal and taking the payment, he would disappear.

      The added requirement is understandably cumbersome, but you must understand that these measures are there only with the best interests of the community in mind. They're done only to make sure that scams are minimized and the marketplace stays in check. Now I'm not saying that the marketplace is scam free. I cannot promise that without PayPal type systems in Pakistan, however, as humans, what can be done is to try to minimize them, and I assure you, in the upcoming few weeks, the new announcements will be facilitating both, regular members, and premium sellers, making the process much more simpler and secure while also making it a level playing field for all.

      Rest assured, no mod has any grudges against you. If you have any further problems and/or issues, feel free to PM me, always!
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      Professional Gamer :D

      I am:
      Steam ID: haxxaan997
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      Salam @AbbY,

      Thank you so much for writing this detailed and helpful text. I totally understand what the rule is and why it has been implemented. I surely don't want to get scammed and this is the best way one could counter it without the help of other systems. So I'm in favor of it and have no reason to go against it or ask for an unfair advantage. I'm following the rules and pasting the pictures 'with' the picture of my username included.

      The problem I had was, why did my threads get deleted(could've been disabled or something) and how do I get them back up. And if I don't have access to a thread after it has been deleted, how is posting a new thread against the rules, keeping in mind that I had all the requirements covered in both of the threads. How is the thread a 'Duplicate' when there is no earlier thread of the same item, as it had been deleted by yourself.

      I'd be looking forward to your reply, and thanks again for the educated and understandable answer.

      1st Thread:
      Reason: Original pics of the product WITH your name+PakGamers written on a piece of paper are mandatory. Hence DELETED

      2nd Thread:



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