Hey PG,

We want PakGamers Marketplace and E-Mall to be one and only solution for your EVERY Gaming, Technological and Electronics need.

We already have the most trusted marketplace due to trader score and fantastic community, but we want to be better in all aspects. So we are in middle of developing solutions for marketplace and Emall.

I think it is best if as a community we bring forward suggestions, likes, dislikes and ways to improve it.

The survey is anonymous so be free..but I would highly recommend that you provide your username so we can identify what kind of a member wants what kinda service..i.e if you are new, old, etc..It would be helpful in categorization, but I promise not to reveal any information to anyone.
You know that is true since in past we have had many surveys like this aswell.

So take care and Thank you in advance!

Click Here or Copy paste Survey Link :

Go Here For thread : http://www.pakgamers.com/forums/f3/i...e-emall-268092