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    Thread: Critique my website

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      محمد حسن شيخ

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      Lightbulb Critique my website

      Hey guys, so I have designed my second website after learning through trial and error from designing the first website. It is an E-commerce website and I have made it using Wordpress (+woocommerce).
      The domain is Zevareen | The Finest Fashion Jewelry Available Online
      Spare some minutes and critique my website so that possible errors can be removed and improvements can be made.
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      PG Rookie

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      PSN ID: schaeel
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      Good Job! I really like the fact that every thing is well with in the reach and the overall layout is very user-friendly. I have also recently started my tech review website on WordPress. It indeed makes life easier
      To stay updated with the realm of Tech follow

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      PG Juggernaut

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      Gamertag: XauthoritY PSN ID: xauthority123
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      Hello visual communication designer here. I think a better don't could be used. Try Lato family.

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        NaNoW's Avatar

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      PSN ID: Wajhi Steam ID: NaNoW
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      yeah, one of the better designed sites...the font I would too change. Also that Hero banner in middle of page serves no purpose currently..( also make sure to use bigger and better resolution photos )

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        XxRebellionxX's Avatar

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      Steam ID: rebellion121
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      Overall pretty nice work, you can make some genuine improvements though. Some I'd like to point out

      - Change the fonts, the heading fonts and paragraph fonts don't mesh well together.
      - Play with the color scheme a bit, black and white generally works great but full on #000000 doesn't look good. Play with some color tones like some warmer whites and space gray.
      - Your images need to be better and your hero image doesn't work well with a fat nav bar. I think a better look would be the search bar being replaced by the icon. Move the logo on the left and only have the search and cart as icons.
      - Your website loads extremely slowly for me, I guess you aren't caching it. First and foremost, always optimize your images EWWW optimizer for wordpress works great. Lazy load your images if you can and cache your website. If you have server access and have Nginx installed you can enable fast-cgi cache. For dynamic pages like the shop page, you can write a rule in Nginx to watch for the changes. The load times will increase dramatically. If you're not comfortable with that, try using WP Total Cache and write Nginx or Apache rules to cache static assets like stylesheets, images and so on.
      - Lastly reduce the icon and image sizes as well, they don't blend well being so huge.

      All in all these are little changes that could improve your website. Address the page load as quickly as you can though.
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