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    Thread: [OT] Days Gone | This World Comes For You

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      Quote Originally Posted by Chandoo View Post
      How far are you into the game ?
      Oh I finished it almost a week ago. Was playing around with a few hordes here and there and clearing out the remaining Nero checkpoints. PSA, once you are done with the story, keep playing it for a while and there would be a random radio in from O Brian giving somewhat a closure to the Nero story arc.

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      It is a deecent game .not as bad as reviews suggest it .i guess Sony forgot to fill mouths of these reviewers these time . I mostly follow reviews of unbiased gamers like us then follow the reviews of these big company websites .they are mostly not accurate .

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      Resi Evil 4 > Your fav game.
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      Finished. Got Platinum and the secret ending. The game certainly has a premise for Days Gone 2 if they ever decide to make one.

      I think this is the prime example of a game which gets better the more you play it. The first 10~ or so hours feel very rote and derivative, with little character development. The game certainly does *not* put it's strongest foot forward. The opening camps and areas are probably some of the most forgettable one's. But once you start heading to the third camp onward, the game becomes a joy to play. Much better characters, stakes, quest-lines etc.

      Secret Ending spoiler:
      Spoiler: show
      Holy shit .. that O'Brian twist .. I did *not* see that coming. For the duration of the game I thought the developers were just being lazy and didn't want to draw his 5-year-later face and have it emote considering the large amount of screen time he gets.

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      Days Gone’s new mode is basically Crazy Taxi

      Drop off survivors, who would probably love some Pizza Hut right now

      Bend Studio’s zombie game Days Gone has a new update that adds a Crazy Taxi-like arcade mode to the PlayStation 4 exclusive. That mode, called Dead Don’t Ride (which was Days Gone’s rumored working title), puts players into a golf cart and forces them to pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination while racing against the clock.
      Dead Don’t Ride is missing many of the things that make Crazy Taxi great; it’s slower, you don’t have a bustling city to drive through, and there are no Pizza Huts, Tower Records, or KFCs to visit. And the zombies — err, Freakers — don’t jump out of the way at the last second. In fact, running over Swarmers is one of the goals in Days Gone’s Dead Don’t Ride. But clearly Bend was going for that Crazy Taxi spirit in a game not built for arcade-style mechanics.
      Dead Don’t Ride also doesn’t sport a soundtrack dripping with The Offspring and Bad Religion, but it does have an exclusive set of music tracks for the mode.
      Days Gone’s Dead Don’t Ride bike challenge is live in the PS4 game now.



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