Note: I have already asked the moderator Wajeeh/Nanow for permission. If anyone needs proof of purchase or my sourcing, feel free to ask via PM'ing me.

We at are rather well known for our digital product offerings on our Facebook page.

We are now offering Playstation Plus 3 Months and 12 Months US and UK memberships at introductory prices for PG users.

PlayStation Plus 3 Months: 2400 PKR (US)

PlayStation Plus 3 Months: 2500 PKR (UK)

PlayStation Plus 12 Months: 5300 PKR (US)

PlayStation Plus 12 Months: 5800 PKR (UK)

We will be making a separate listing for Playstation and Xbox credit in the coming days.
Digital redeem codes are sourced via amazon or physically in the US. As a result we might send you only a code, or a physical scan/receipt of the product at hand.

Payment via: Bank transfer, Cash at hand.

Quantity: Limited

Proof of having stock at hand

Contact: PM Or Cell: 03451151146 or reach us at