With the introduction of Blizzard's Lunar New Year here comes the giant event from Valve's side. THE DARK MOON EVENT+ Winter Battle Pass 17.

Event Duration: Till 7th Feb 2017

Additional contents from update:

  • ​Winter Battle Pass now available, will expire on April 24, 2017.
  • Winter-themed seasonal terrain added, expires at the end of the season.
  • Three new quests with three rewards, Path of the Paragon, Path of the Inquisitor and Path of the Skirmisher.
  • Level 1 rewards: Winter Treasure 1, Winter 2017 Battle Cup Ticket, 6 x Winter 2017 Player Card Packs
  • Winter Treasure 2 and 3 unreleased.
  • New Emoticons (dunno, exclamation, venom and brood_love) added.
  • New Taunts: Raging Bull: Spirit Breaker, Timeless Classic: Faceless Void.
  • Dark Moon Reward Wheel loot added

Yeah the loot is the sole purpose this will be fun X_X

There are some other UI and console updates. For now lets settle down for this event. What it got is a horde mod. Yeah that is right a horde mod where you have to defend base from different level creeps plus heroes. The wave goes like this:


  1. Wolves
  2. Dazzles, will cast Shadow Wave, either stun or move back when you see them channeling
  3. Nyx nyx nyx's, can chain-stun you. Don't clump up and keep strafing
  4. Morphlings, sometimes cast waveform
  5. Chicken-pinata, he doesn't attack and drops gold when damaged. Try to trap him and use DoTs
  6. Warlocks, kill them to make their golems weaker
  7. Zombies, this wave has some magic immune enemies
  8. Tidehunters & Kunkkas, can x-mark, torrent & gush. There's 3 giant tides spamming ravage. Focus them ASAP
  9. Meepos & Catapults, can net and fire AoE ministuns. Catapults will make reviving hard, focus them
  10. Roshling-pinatas, they don't attack and drop gold when damaged. Spread out and stand near chokepoints
  11. Night Stalkers & Engimas, will cast black hole when they can catch 2 players
  12. Miranas, throw arrows from time to time
  13. Alchemists, 6 strong ones. They target their stun at a specific player, only that target needs to run
  14. Techies, plant mines and cast the new suicide
  15. Invoker, final boss, good luck
Once the waves are understood its time to go for heroes suitable to defend. The player list goes like this:




Treant Protector




Ember Spirit



Phantom Assassin



Dark Seer



Winter Wyvern


Follow the following link for all the gameplay details: http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Dark_Moon