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    Thread: [PG Update 6.2] Marketplace Reform

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      [PG Update 6.2] Marketplace Reform

      Starting from one of our most active section : PG Marketplace and PG E-Mall

      PakGamers Marketplace has been an active hub of activity from when we started.
      It has become a vital part of the PG ecosystem and helped gamers from all over Pakistan in getting the best products in the most fair price under the safety of one of the best moderation staff. People come here NOT ONLY because do they "feel" safe but we can prove this statement quantifiable and factually. This is possible due to mandated guidelines which leads to less scams, more repercussions for scammers and a reliable trader score.
      We are a platform that tries our very best to serve our audience as fairly as possible.
      This is something that we not only want to maintain but build upon.

      PG E-mall is a similar story, where hobbyists can make a decent buck and have turned some unknown traders into established businesses.

      But we think there are two ways we can improve and iron out kinks for all 3 communities: Team PG, E-Mall businesses and PG community (guest and registered)

      1. Outsourcing and handing over the E-mall management to a professional third party firm(where no one from PG is involved in), who is working hand in hand with media firm who acquired us (Since they acquired this place, they naturally want the quality of service, popularity and traffic to go up):

      This change will ensure few things :

      1. There is no conflict of interest between Team PG, E-Mall traders or PG Community. So no one gets special treatment or unfair advantage or policy making powers. We will make sure that no TEAM PG members, who are responsible for moderating PG marketplace and E-Mall operate a E-Mall store, since this is a direct conflict of interest.

      2. This will also mean that unbiased decision making will take place, since no personal relationships would be involved nor harmed. No individuals (not even me) will have influence over the third party, as the media firm will make sure no one even knows who they are.

      3. As data monitoring and collection will be on professional level outside of realms of this forum, accountability would be increased on both parties. There will be certain checks, proofs and certain data collection mandated, so risks are mitigated. Deals would be tracked and with them having the data, incase of illegal activity/fraud, they could quickly process data and pass on to law enforcement authorities if need be.

      4. It will give mods much needed time to actually moderate marketplace, and make sure that rules are being implemented. So focusing on enforcement of policy.
      This will lead to clear distinction between night and day, whichever party is wrong, it will be easily identifiable with regards to existing policy.
      If it is written; PG community, E-Mall traders and Team PG are all bound by it.

      For this to succeed though, we need to improve our current policy with reasonable and fair practices which ensure all parties concerns are taken into account

      This will not be an easy task, but we have already started with it.

      If you have something to add, please PM me. For E-Mall traders I will create a thread "Sellers Center".

      2. Automating the process as much as possible. Trader Score/ Description WILL NOT be allowed to change, so double check everything. For complaints, we will be bringing in official forms (not dealing in PMs) where you can write down your issue with another user (be it normal or premium seller). Mods will not be allowed to discuss an ongoing issues on PM/VM/ Outside PG (email/fb/etc) with anyone.

      And for future we want to create a system where as much of the marketplace is automated as possible. The planning for this platform is being looked into but we need support from larger established stores and transaction services(easypaisa, paypal, etc for this) for which we are also working on both in terms of business development and technology.

      These changes will not take place overnight and we all need to work together as a community to come up with new resolutions and policies for betterment of the community instead of any selfish needs.

      I think this will create a safer, fairer and even more active PakGamers. Alot more exciting updates are incoming very soon.

      Last edited by NaNoW; 10-11-16 at 08:32 PM.
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      Making PG more safe trading place than before will be best achievement for PG members. Members will hopefully feel safe when they are trading within PG market place than any other site.

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      PG Xtremist

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      A much needed update. Keep us in the loop when you are ready to execute this

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      PakGamers Founder

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      Great changes are coming lads..lets support the new changes as the one mighty and loyal Pakistani gaming enthusiast's community which we were and still are

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      Great post,Good changes.



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