Dear Members,

With the community constantly increasing in size, we require staff for the 'Marketplace'. Additional knowledge of other sections will be an added advantage.

All persons selected will be brought in as Supervisors initially with a 2 month probation period. Promotions will be performance based at the end of the probation period.

2-3 Hours of daily activity will be expected (minimum)

- Minimum post count should be 250
- Must have basic Hardware/Software/Gaming related knowledge
- Must have a rough idea of current market rates of items related to your preferred section.

Contact Format:

Preferred Section(s): Game Consoles & Accessories/Computers & Hardware/Mobile Phones & Accessories/Other Stuff/Multiple

Content: A few lines on yourself, why you want to be a part of 'PG Staff' and what you plan on bringing to the Team.

Send all applications in via email to

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