As a part of our recent changes and push towards better service, we have a opening in SV Position for PC/ Hardware.

You should:

Be highly active and knowledgeable, specially in PC section.
Be helpful to all the members, providing help to our members is our top priority
Be sensible and capable of making mature decisions.

Have a good and honest reputation on PG and our marketplace.

Your responsibilities will include :
Managing our PC / Hardware sections
Moderating Comments, likes, etc on
You will actively participate and promote PG on other forums (local and international)
Posting important news, forum updates, giveaways, etc

You will:
'The Yellow color'
Best way to become a part of Team PG. Managing the largest gaming forum in Pakistan.
Get to voice your opinion and implement changes directly.
Increased power features accessible on our forum.
A larger PM inbox
Bragging rights brah!

Are you the person we are looking for?

Do your part for your forum. Apply now by Pm'ing me, @abobobilly or @nafu

Please understand that TEAM PG makes all decisions as a team, so everyone gets to vote in and we usually go with the democratic winner,
we do this so personal preferences are kept away