So I don't know how many the CSGO Pakistani players are on PG, but I hope that enough players start using this and this becomes widely popular.

Basically, it is a website that lets you create a lobby and put it on a public Lobby list on the website, allowing people to see that lobby and join it. You can tag info about the lobby like your ranks and your country. This way if other people from Pakistan are using that client and they see the Pakistani lobby, they can just join that instead of solo queuing. Sure you can add a lot of friends but not all Steam "friends" are willing to play at that time while other people who are not in your friends list are.

I found this on Reddit.

Here we are. RegionMM.It's clean and straight to the point.
Ok, I think I'm looking like a guy that needs to sell his product to the world, but no, RegionMM is completely free.
Let's just explain how it works:

  • First of all, start CS:GO and create a public lobby.
  • Be sure to have your steam profile set to Public, otherwise the server will not be able to find your lobby link.
  • Then you find out your steam id (64) or your custom id --> Go to your own steam profile and check the URL, if you see numbers at the end, that's your id64 (e.g. 76561197960287930). If you see your nickname, that's your custom id (e.g. gabelogannewell).
  • Insert a lobby name (such as: "Gabe's lobby"), your rank , your country and of course your steam id.
  • You can add some infos to your lobby (maybe: "maps: de_cache, de_dust2")
  • Start! and you're fine. Just wait to someone to join your lobby.
  • Remember: your lobby lasts 15 minutes, and you can't create more than one lobby: if you do that, your previous lobby will be deleted for the new one.

So how do I join?
See you @ RegionMM!
Go here :