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    Thread: Strange and Funny news

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      Strange and Funny news

      Not sure there is a thread for this. Feel free to post yours.

      From Times of India

      It was surely a wedding that both families will never forget.

      A bride in India decided to marry a guest on her big day after the groom had a seizure during the ceremony. The decision sparked a brawl after the husband-to-be regained consciousness and realized his would-be wife was with someone else, The Times of India reported Thursday.

      The incidents unfolded when Jugal Kishore, 25, of Moradabad, was preparing to garland his 23-year-old bride, Indira, from Rampur.

      As Kishore extended his arms, he had an epileptic fit and fell to the ground in front of the gathering. The bride, apparently angry that her family was kept in the dark about Kishore's medical condition, announced that she would marry a guest at the wedding instead, The Times of India reports.

      The guest – dressed only in jeans and a leather jacket – was reportedly startled before agreeing to the bride's request, and the ceremony continued.

      After Kishore received medical treatment from a doctor and returned to the wedding, he pleaded with the bride to change her mind, but she refused. A brawl then broke out, where spoons, plates and dishes were used as weapons. Authorities detained a few people in the brawl.

      Kishore's family later filed a police report, but withdrew it after “amicably” resolving the matter with the bride's family, Milak police officer RP Solanksi told The Times of India.

      From Mirror Online

      It sounds like the plot from a horror movie, but scientists believe a human head transplant could soon become a reality.

      Doctors will launch a project at a conference this summer, with the aim of carrying out the first procedure as soon as 2017.

      The man leading the ambitious plan is Italian doctor Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group.

      He believes head transplants could help people with degenerative muscle disease and cancer sufferers.

      After first floating the idea in 2013, Dr Canavero now believes the major obstacles to the pioneering surgery have been overcome, the New Scientist reports.

      These include managing to make the spinal cord fuse with a new head, and ensuring the body's immune system does not reject it.

      Dr Canavero plans to announce the project at the annual conference of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons (AANOS) in Annapolis, Maryland, in June.

      He published a paper with a theory on how he believes the operation could be carried out successfully this month.

      It would involve cooling the recipient's head and the donor body to prolong the time their cells can survive without oxygen.

      Tissue around the neck would then be dissected and major blood vessels linked using tiny tubes.

      The spinal cords would then be cleanly severed before the recipient's head is moved onto the donor body.

      The ends of the spinal cord would be fused using the chemical polyethylene glycol.

      After this, the person would be put into a coma for around four weeks while they heal.

      Dr Canavero believes the person would wake up with the same voice, move and feel their face and learn to walk within a year.

      He says several people have already volunteered to get a new body.

      Some critics have blasted Dr Canavero's project 'pure fantasy'.

      But it is now more than 40 years since the first monkey head transplant and a similar operation on a mouse was recently successful in China


      Could this be possible ?

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      i don't think that it would be successful
      we'll die the way we r born
      this is how ALLAH created us and this will go till the Judgment day
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      @sunnykhan I think this quranic verse fits well on you. "Aur hum ne un k dilon per mohor laga di hai ab unhay kuch dikhai (samajh) nahi de ga".

      Beshak ghaur aur fiqar kernay walo k liay mandarajabala post mein bohot nishania hia.
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