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    Thread: A Guide to PakGamers

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      A Guide to PakGamers

      Assalam u alaikum and a very warm welcome to PakGamers Community

      We hope you take an active interest in discussions that are spread across a wide range of areas and interests. Make a place for yourself in the community and keep contributing. If we feel you have a positive standing in the community and, most importantly, engage actively in quality discussion, you might see yourself getting promoted in the not-so-distant future.
      As a gentle reminder, it is strongly advised to read the Community Rules and abide by them at all times.

      PakGamers (PG, in short) is a vast community and it is understandable that newcomers often face difficulty navigating through its various sections and sub-sections. To make things less difficult, here's a short guide that might, hopefully, aid you in finding your way across the forum:

      PG Lounge

      Introductions: You must be doing something right if you're in this section :-). Don't hesitate in introducing yourself to the community. It is one way of being formally welcomed.

      Chit Chat Cafe: 'Crazy' would be the right word to describe what often transpires in this section. Feel free to discuss anything not related to gaming and peripherals. Topics related to Current affairs, birthday threads, paranormal experiences, book worms, food connoisseurs...... this place has them all.

      Market Place: Do you have game consoles and accessories, computer hardware, cellphones and other random stuff to sell/buy? Marketplace is the section you ought to be heading for. Make sure to check the sub-sections for more info. Or buy with confidence from the PakGamers Premium Sellers E-Mall section.
      Small tip: be sure to check a person's trader score and read his previous trading experiences before finalizing the deal. It would save you from any untoward incident in the future.

      Arcade Section: Put your Arcade skills to use! This section has a collection of 297 games and boasts of quality arcade titles including tetris, snake, jigsaw puzzles and more. Beat other players' scores and become the best of the best!

      Gaming Zone

      Gaming Central: The reason PG exists. This is the one place for all gaming discussions, news and debates irrespective of platform. It is encouraged to make threads regarding the latest news regarding a specific title or platform. Let the community know about your gaming experiences. And if you face any technical issues with your games or hardware, you should post your queries in platform-specific hubs (PC Hub, Xbox Hub, Playstation Hub and Nintendo Hub).

      Remember to please use the search function located at top of threads before making a thread, and Please DO NOT ASK non-game related questions in Gaming Central, instead head over to Platform specific Hubs.

      - PC Hub : This is for PC gaming related updates, troubleshooting, software/OS updates. Anything that isn't particular to a specific game goes here. System requirements, Installation tutorials, Steam help and discussions, etc should be placed under PC Hub.

      - Xbox Hub, Playstation Hub and Nintendo Hub : Here you can post all general firmware news, talk to other console owners, find tutorials, Trophies/Achievements leader-board, FAQs, Hardware/Software guides and queries or anything not related to a recent specific game.

      Online Community: A Multiplayer gaming fan, eh? Be it games like CoD, BF, DOTA 2 or services like XBL and PSN, this section is meant for you. PG has a thriving online community and this is your go-to place for all online gaming discussions and technical issues.

      Phadeybazz: The place where you will find like-minded and hard-core fans of fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, KoF, Mortal Kombat. Phadeybazz is the section specifically meant for this genre of games.

      PakGamers Publications

      Members Submission: Let the community know how you found a specific game by writing a detailed review. You can also read through the various reviews posted already and also give the reviewer a piece of your mind.

      PG Podcasts: Podcasts are detailed round-ups of gaming news and gaming-related experiences brought to you exclusively by Team PG. Do have a listen to and let us know of your impressions by posting feedback

      Lifestyle, Leisure & Entertainment

      Food, Travel and City: Do you love food? Who doesn't!? Are you an adventurer and like to travel? Share your foodie and travel experiences here. Get suggestions for the best biryani/burger place in the city as well info regarding tour packages. This section has it all.

      Education & Academics: Having difficulty in choosing the right institute, career path or other technical issues? This section is the right place for all your queries. You will find plenty of experienced individuals ready to help you with counseling.

      Jobs and Career: Receive counseling for choosing the right career path and guides for preparing your resume/CV. Have a vacant job opening in your company? Post it here!

      Movies, Music and T.V: The latest news, views and discussions related to Movies, TV shows and Music. One of the most active sections on PG and icing on the cake is that it boasts of an excellent, knowledgeable and very helpful community.

      Anime/Manga/Fanart: Pretty self-explanatory. The sections boasts of an active community of anime fans. Should definitely be checked out if you're into Japanese animation and art.

      Fun Room: Do you have any funny pictures, memes, videos or jokes to share? Fun Room is a great place for laughs and wows with its treasure trove of fun and interesting material.

      Sports Talk: Are you an avid follower of Cricket, Football, Tennis, F1, Wrestling, MMA etc etc? This is the section to be in for the latest happenings in EPL, La Liga, Pakistan Cricket, WWE and other various Sports, tournaments and events.

      Automobile Club: Vroom vroom! The one place on PG for car lovers and petrol-heads. Discuss and analyze the latest vehicles and mods.

      Tech Department

      The Hardware Zone: Require suggestions for building a new PC, troubleshooting issues with your present rig or a passion for overclocking? The HW Zone is the go-to area for all your hardware needs.

      Tech Newsroom: The latest on all news related to hardware, gadgets, electronics and happenings in the technology industry.

      The Unboxing Zone: Show-off your latest gadget and hardware purchases to the community. Boast all you want!

      The Software Den: Discuss anything related to PC software, OS issues, troubleshooting drivers, programs and reviews etc.

      Broadband Internet @ Pakistan: This is the place for all your Broadband (DSL, WiMax, cablenet etc) related questions, problems, issues, discussions, FAQs, guides and service reviews.

      Cell Phones & Gadgets: If you require suggestions for buying the latest smartphone, finding the right OS choice, latest apps and mobile gadgets, then this is the section for you. One of the most helpful communities on PG. Just don't let them shove their opinions down your throat ;-)

      Creativity Realm

      Visual Arts & Photography: From digital or DSLR camera to Adobe Photoshop, this is the place for creative-minded peoples to share and discuss about digital/3D arts, photography, gaming renders, web design. Get suggestions for buying the latest imaging device and show the creative side of yourself by engaging in image editing projects.

      Software/Game Development and Programming: Are you interested in programming? Making games? Or want to discuss about gaming and development industry in Pakistan, then this is the place for you.

      PakGamers has always been home to all Pakistani Gaming, PC, Tech and Gadget enthusiasts. Our moderation, member participation, marketplace operation and community ethics are something to be proud of. We have maintained a fair and just attitude to problem solving and constantly seek new ideas and forward-thinking people.

      PakGamers is a free service, all our staff are made up of volunteers. The driving force is simply passion and love for development of Pakistani gaming and tech scene. So I ask all our members, if you can donate for the cause please do so or contact Jshak about this. If you can't then spread the word on with your social media presence and word of mouth. We are a community, who strive to help each other and promote this culture of logical and fulfilling discussions. So please enjoy our community to the maximum, participate actively, help out others and get the word out.

      Thank you,
      Team PakGamers

      - - - Updated - - -

      Special thanks to @Ottoman for taking the initiative and creating this
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      This will definitely be helpful to new comers. Nice going @Ottoman.
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      Aik Rahain Gey To Ye Mulk Aagay Barhay Ga



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