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at bigger resolution and at maximum possible settings, the memory doesn't properly utilizes the whole 4GB memory, that effects in game performance, like stuttering, FPS dips etc. but only in those games, which highly memory intensive as well. but some people doesnt have this problem even some complaining about the problem too. \

Did you tried in heavy memory intensive games that consumed 3GB+ VRAM ??? do some test and post here.
Yes, tested that and worked just fine when I got these cards. However there's new stuff out about the card which is more to be concerned about than 4GB VRAM which has proven to work just fine, more details here: AnandTech | GeForce GTX 970: Correcting The Specs & Exploring Memory Allocation

However to me personally, I paid for it's performance per buck and it was a temporary card anyway so I'm not holding my breath for it or anything. Just waiting for the Ti versions to be released or AMD 300 series to see what's up and go from there, most likely going to stick with NVIDIA cause of G Sync and my new monitor choice.