So Is anybody playing this?

I'm a good 24 hours in now, It's been pretty decent so far, the production values are amazing for a PSP and it holds up alright on the gameplay front although a bit clunky and there are some problems with the game. My Biggest complaint so far is that the game is a little too grindy. It was OK at the start but it's getting progressively grindier as I play. The fact that you have 14 characters to level up 3 at a time (Max party size) doesn't help either. You don't have to lvl them all up but certain missions will make you divide the party up and if you have less than 5-6 guys on the recommended lvl then you'll be screwed.

The game is kind of challenging too other than the grind, even if you are on the recommended lvl you have to be careful since alot of bosses and wipe the floor with you if you're not careful. I guess it's a good time if you can bare the grind.