Klei is working hard to get this out sometime this year.

The team at Klei Entertainment is bringing Don't Starve over to the PS Vita, allowing players to go portable on the survival indie game with Don't Starve: Giant Edition. It'll include both the base game and its expansion Reigns of Giants.

The Vita version brings all updates that have been released in the PC and PS4 versions and will be optimized for the device's touchscreen. That means players can navigate the menus and other systems using touch but it'll support traditional button controls too.

The Reign of Giants expansion adds new seasonal challenges and new characters. Klei is working to bringing the expansion to PlayStation 4 too, which they say they are in the "final steps" leading up to release.

No release date is announced yet for the Vita game but they except to launch in 2014. The developer notes that it will not be cross-buy due to the inclusion of DLC for the Vita release and the PS4 version initially offered as a PS+ freebie. Options are being explored to see if Klei can give a loyalty discount for the Vita version for those that do own the PS4 release.

Source: PlayStation Blog