Sony's first entry into the gaming portable space ends with about 80 million sold during its near 10-year run.

Falling just a bit short on its 10th anniversary, Sony announced that the PlayStation Portable will discontinue in Japan this month. They've actually already halted shipments for new units in North America in January 2014 and will end later this year in Europe, according to TIME.

The company will be offering discounts on PlayStation Vita and other software in Japan to ease users transitioning from the PSP to its current portable gaming device.

Sony's first handheld launched in December 2004 in Japan with North America and Europe launching in 2005. The PlayStation Portable sold about 80 million units globally since then. Various iterations of the PSP were released including the PSP Go, a revision that eliminated the UMD slot drive.

With the PSP finally coming to a close, what games did you enjoy during its 9+ year run?

Source: TIME