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    Thread: [VERY IMPORTANT] Marketplace Rules [Version 6.0]

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      [VERY IMPORTANT] Marketplace Rules [Version 6.0]

      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

      With each passing day, PG's community grows rapidly and the members are offered a special deal with their membership that is the marketplace section.

      With the community growing, the marketplace section also is rapidly growing from well-known sellers to hidden fraudulent.

      So we, the Moderation Team of PG do our best to keep everything under control and ensure that you have the smoothest of experience when availing the marketplace services.

      Adding an important note : Do not call the Team Staff members " ADMINISTRATION/TEAM PG " for any ban related and arguing for any instances. Keep all discussions on the forums or emails/pm's. Any one violating the rule, will can serve up to " LIFE TIME BAN ", so do not start using cell phone issues to communicate pg problems on TEAM Staff personal numbers.

      Disrespecting any Team PG staff/Administration for any reason will result you with a BAN/Username suspension/account deletion. We do not encourage,slang words/disrespectul behaviour with TEAM staff/Administration. Please use polite and sensible words when you are speaking to any authority on Pakgamers. We believe in the moral ethics building programme.

      Lastly, Making a thread in "Suggestions and Feedback" without informing/bringing it into knowledge/approval the "Administration" is also considered as a violation. We here do our maximum effort to give you all the support out of our personal commitments. Do not misuse this rule to take advantages. If any unforeseen issue is arising, you can always approach the Market Place Moderator's or Administration " PM's only " and wait for their reply.

      Now we have officially started forwarding " Scams" complaints to Cyber Crime Units. Claimant is responsible for any activity conducted by our "LAW GOVERNING AGENCIES", we only try to minimize the scam control on PG and Pakistan. Any complaint or help raised, we share our expertise to guide you what to do and from there the case is handed over to the concerned personal. PG or any staff member is not a part of this program.

      Here are some rules (revised and new) that you need to follow.
      Failure to do so will result in a ban (temporary or permanent).
      So please use this thread for guidance and to update yourself with the rules implemented.


      Red Colour = Rules(Numbered)/Main Headings/Warnings/Ban Severity Information
      Orange Colour = Sub-headings


      Introductory: A Bump is allowed AFTER 4 days. 4 days means 96 hours. Please take care of this. 4 different dates do NOT mean 96 hours. Undue bumps will be dealt with severity.

      1. What To Post And What Not To Post Related To Buying/Selling/Trading

      - Electronics (Cellphones/LCDs/PC related stuff etc)
      - Gaming Related (Consoles/Games/Accessories)
      - Other stuff like Watches/Movies/Earphones etc

      These all are to be placed in their respective sections.

      What you are NOT allowed to post:

      - Advisory threads
      - Selling of Livestock/Pets/Arms and Ammunition/Property ( sale and rental )/Dating services/etc
      - Memberships of different sites.*
      - Selling balance of different sites like Paypal/Alertpay/Amazon/Moneybookers/Liberty Reserve, etc
      - Paypal balance selling is not allowed here because of the following reasons:
      Some people use hacked / illegal accounts for selling paypal balance, later buyer get charged back (aka dispute claim) hence the buyer face the consequence and in the end he gets nothing = create a dispute here on PG for getting his money back. Buyer whine when his account gets block due to geographical restrictions by paypal and is not allowed in Pakistan so anyone in Pakistan selling paypal balance = illegal = issues = headache for PG staff
      - No accounts of any games sharing like origin, steam / psn which have a pre-loaded key involved and a warranty period is strictly not permitted. If you sell the account, make sure you are selling him your personal details linked to that account. If anyone purchases it without investigating about the " Digital " account, PG is not responsible for any claims
      - PSN/XBL codes require permission before selling, as they related to " Legit " purposes and we do stringent checks on them. Any sort of " $, pound , euro " credit is also subjected to approval and scrutiny. We have strict policy on such threads and can be deleted without any justification.
      - Quantity Selling is subjected to approval

      For Digital Codes
      We have stricten some legit policy for everyone. If you are comfortable sharing these details
      - CNIC copy ( Crossed ) both Sides
      - Current address where you are staying with contact numbers.
      - If you are working/or student. Just a information of what you do.

      This is taken for the safety for the legitimacy of everyone. We are protecting scam free enviroment for everyone. These details are not going to be shared with anyone and rest assured.

      For digital codes ( steam/origin )
      Make sure when you sale or purchase the account from someone. Please take all the details that link to make you the owner of that account.
      - Secret question to everything.

      If all are okay, Email it to jshak@pakgamers.com with this following subject
      PG nick - Real Name - Contact Number - Sale item or name

      * Premium Membership holders can post ads about the indicated stuff in their own respective space provided by PG ( Conditions apply )...
      Further more they can also post ONLY threads containing the links directing back to their original thread found in their space with just a bit of the info to be provided.

      Marketplace is currently divided into 4 sections, they are:

      Game Consoles & Accessories: Use this section to post offers related to consoles, games, their accessories or in short anything related to consoles.

      Computers & Hardware: Use this section to post offers related to PC and its hardware, PC games should also be posted here in this section (digital or physical media).

      Mobile Phones & Accessories: Use this section to post offers related to cellphones, their accessories etc.

      Other Stuff: All other stuff that doesn't fit in any of the above categories fits here, from watches to colorful kites.

      Incase of Failure/Not following this rule:

      A warning will be issued 3 times. Failure to heed the warning will result in:

      1. A ban of minimum 2 weeks/3 months maximum for regular members.
      2. Banishment of 2 weeks/14 days from a particular section for Premium Members.
      3. Premium Members are strictly advised to solve the customers complaint in 3 days of time. If failure, a thread will be created against their reputation and all information will be provided to " Law " enforcing agencies. Please do not take this line non-serious. We have the capability to do such things.
      4. Pakgamers is providing a space for business holders, but do not take any responsibility over their dealing methods. If you find any irregular activities, please report to " JSHAK " or email at " jshak@pakgamers.com " immediately
      5. Premium Sellers are advised to make most of their threads in the respective stores. Any thread that has more than 1 item mentioning in the Marketplace category, should be redirected to their stores . Premium sellers are advises to make 2 threads as per Marketplace category and their should follow the normal " Marketplace rules " for thread creation and bumping policy. This policy is promote other members than premium sellers to take advantage in the regular classified section.
      6. More than 1 person operating stores are not permitted, 1 x Member is permitted to open his own store, members should not and never alliance themselves with " Banned " or " lobbyist " / " Bad reputed "/ " Duplicate ID " members ( silently/disclosed ) to gear up maximum sales of their merchandise.
      7. All Premium sellers are advised to pay their dues on time, if they skipped on informing not to continue, they respective ID's will be banned until payment is not settled. All threads will remain for 3 days with us, after that deletion of all threads will be subjected without intimation. Make sure you inform us .
      8. Premium sellers are extremely advised to take care of their reputation, if we receive 3+ complaints in our database, account deletion/store suspension shall be taken place and they will never be allowed on Pakgamers to be a part of any program-me.
      9. Premium sellers are advised not to create false rates to gain attention towards their sale threads. Every Premium seller either follows a uniform code of selling conduct in order to avoid disrespecting of others.
      10. Premium sellers should not be offering rates which are below wholesale rates, in order to seek their sales for an false attempt.
      11. If any Premium seller found criticizing pakgamers ( premium sellers or members ) on other platforms ( banned member , etc ) and are in alliance in partnership with a Premium seller on on Pakgamers, hence account will be suspended of the respective parties without removal.
      12. Most of the Premium sellers have now linked their Facebook/twitter/google/skype accounts to their profiles, revealing their identity. If a premium sellers mocks another premium seller on another community, if complaint received. Their subscription with Pakgamers Premium Services and Pakgamers Forums will be suspended without any notice or arguement given.
      13. Premium Sellers are advised strictly to stay under the code of disclipline. If any violation found, the subscription will be cancelled and no refunds will be offered. Instant Ban without any plee of returning back. Make sure you follow this rule all over the internet. We should work as bonding of interest with each other.
      14. No Premium Seller is permitted to disgrace any reputation of other sellers , by claiming their merchandise it authentic.
      15. We have the right to take legal action if any name against " Pakgamers/PG/Mascot/TeamPG " is taking on other platforms on the internet. We are registered under copyright law and every one is covered under NR3C rules.
      16. Any " Premium Seller " if they want to quit their service , must inform " @Jshak " to suspend their service. If anyone fails to report, the tariff will be charged till date.
      17. Premium Sellers are advised to clear their dues in any cases. If they skip it out and forget to inform PG Administration for so what reason, they respective ID will remained banned until dues are not paid.
      18. Resuming the Premium Stores/Services are subjected to " Re-approval " of their reputation history on Pakgamers. If anyone members i.e suspends his service and wants to resume after 6 months. All data should be again sent and the previous data will not be " AVAILABLE ". Data kept is in use till 2 months on record. After that everything starts " Fresh " . Make sure you keep all your data backed up and pay your dues on time.
      19. Keep your date of renewal remembered.
      20. If you have paid for the premium service before the completion of your verification, your amount will not be " Refunded " as per policy. It can be shifted to another month after completing your prerequisite documentations if pre furnished for any reason by pg administration
      21. If any member is proceeding more than Rupees 10,000/= with any " PREMIUM SELLER " for any deal. Please take a word of knowledge for his background with the Administration. We do not want your money to be lost before anything arises. It's always a safety for all of us.
      22. Premium Sellers are advised to sort their issues before " 72 Hours ", if the complaint gets our knowledge, we will be forced to take a decision on a " Neutral " aspect.
      23. If you have a nick that is resembling to promote your service ( example , gameshop lahore, itunesusa, homeshopkarachi,etc " , it is advised you to change it to a normal username before we lock it down. If anyone has such user name, we shall be asking for a reason to be replied in 24 - 48 hours for a justification, if failed the id will be blocked.
      24. If a premium seller needs to change his nick for his business purpose, only 1 x allowed is applicable for his purpose. If he fails to obtain his monthly subscription, his id will be blocked. In such case he needs to email her for reverting his old nick or continue with his subscription.
      25. For scams or any issue related to " Fraud " , Pakgamers is not responsible for any mishap happening on this platform. However we help you register your case with
      - FBR
      - Cyber Crime " NR3C "

      All reported crimes are directly linked to these Govt Institutions and their S.O.P ( System Operating Procedures ) and we do not engage in any of the communication or accept any liability.

      If you faced any scam/fraud with you, please email complete evidence and any other member being affected, should be address in a written manner on Email : Jshak@pakgamers.com

      We encourage you to counter check before doing any deals. Jshak, volunteering helps members, but it's not his responsibility to get any conclusion on the matter. If a registered case is put on with " Cyber Crime " or any legal agency, Member is responsible to follow up. Administration/Team PG will not be a part of that programme or be liable.

      Premium Seller Tariff ( 2016 )

      Spoiler: show
      Subscriptions ( Tariffs along with support time line and if they qualify for becoming the said category)

      1 Month Subscription ( recurring every month ) 2000 Rupees - Silver Tag ( Conditions apply )
      - Support Shall be given only via email and number of days of any incident raised ( 5 Days ETA )
      - No personalized signature ( linking to another site/phone number )

      3 Month Subscription ( recurring every quarter ) 3500 Rupees - Silver Tag
      - Support Shall be given only via email/phone and number of days of any incident raised (3 Days ETA )
      - No personalized signature ( linking to another site/phone number )

      6 Month Subscription ( recurring every half yearly ) 7500 Rupees - Gold Tag
      - Support Shall be given only via email/phone and number of days of any incident raised ( 1.5/2 Days ETA )
      - We will allow them to make 2 threads per category/per 1 weeks in the market place allowing them to redirect their store and an email address.
      - Personalized Signatures allowed only till Facebook

      12 Month Subscription ( recurring every half yearly ) ***** Rupees - Platinum Tag
      - Support Shall be given only via email/phone and number of days of any incident raised ( Immediate Days ETA )
      - We will allow them to make 2 threads per category/per 1 week(s) in the market place allowing them to redirect their store and an email address.( Conditional )
      - PG Suggested traders and recommendations by Team Pakgamers ( Conditional )
      - Free Marketing will be done for them
      - Personalized signature allowed ( Facebook/Website )

      *All categories have conditions in them

      As for all of the sellers who have done business with PG , AlhamdoALLAH we have grown now and in the upcoming days we shall be hitting a ton and surely we are . We all love to have your support . The tariff is fixed for yearly basis*

      Recurring one's are advised to share the number of tenure they are looking at with us.

      * Pakgamers have the right to cancel any subscription/rule and tariff change without any intimation/argument. All payments are non refundable. Our Tariff plan is revised every 3 months, this will not effect the 1 year payers.
      ** For Platinum, if a seller has more than 3 complaints in a year about his service, the said subscription will be under review and qualification.

      Email :
      jshak@ pakgamers.com

      Contact : +92-323-2653947 ( Please respect the timing and do not contact via sms, calls only ) - preffered emails initially, if you like to speak please contact first via sms ( mention your pg nick )

      Details Required this format

      Subject : PG Nick - Real Name - Store name - Contact Number

      Matter should be

      1. PG Nick
      2. Real Name
      3. Contact Numbers
      4. CNIC Copy Scanned ( clear ) in color
      5. Utility Bill Copy
      6. Store Name/ Business Name
      7. Last Date paid in which Bank
      8. Planning to pursue again with pg ( Yes/ NO ) ( Category Required )

      Premium Seller's data get's verified from " NADRA " and "FBR " where it can take time for verification. Sometimes they have timeline of 2 weeks. If you have emailed us your details, please make sure that we will only reply when your data has been responded with the particulars we seek.

      All data is being reported to " FBR " and we have the authority to report any misuse on " NR3C ". Please refrain from getting into any mode of disrespect with anyone on pg.

      Payment Details for Premium Sellers or Donations

      Faysal Bank
      Account Number : 0335000602952018
      Account Title : Web I.T Solutions
      Branch Code : 0335
      Location : Karachi , G.Iqbal

      Those who seek to buy " Premium Services can speak to me between 7.30 Pm to 9.00 PM, if required. Else use email for communication

      Payment are non refundable once subscription are placed.
      Pakgamers has the right to change any rule at any time without any notice provided and also cancel any subscription without any further discussion.
      New comers might face a deposit of 3000 rupees which might be adjusted to your tariff if you plan to continue and new comes will be paying 1500 rupees x 3 months mandatory+ security deposit ( 3000 ) and we will monitor their performance ( probation ) for their service.

      Example :

      2. Tagging Your Threads Properly:

      The prefix tags [WTB]/[WTS]/[WTT] are there for your ease of use, so that when posting your offer, your audience should know that what service are you offering (buying, selling or trading) for your product.

      Incase of Failure/Not following this rule:

      Failure to follow proper procedure will result in 3 warnings.
      If the warnings are not heeded, the thread will be deleted immediately.

      . Traders MUST be able to deliver the merchandise as promised; in terms of the delivery period, merchandise’s contents, merchandise’s condition and etc.

      Refrain from jeopardizing sales unnecessarily. However, you are encouraged to raise an alarm if you strongly believe a potential fraud is about to take place. Alternatively, report the post.

      Don't try to spam by posting fake offers and advertising, your account will be deleted without any warning if we found that you are spamming and scamming in marketplace section.

      6. Don't post off-topic replies or stupid comments in someone else's thread/topic.

      7. Don't try to derepute someone by posting in grudge, let the Administration/Team PG staff handle your complaint. Most of the cases are judged on merit and we do not issue ban for one sided stories, please bring in your full evidence when to place a charge against someome.

      8. Lobbies will be always on the Internet forums, please do not form into one. Be neutral on what you decide. If you are taking help from someone, and that person is unable to deliver your issue with a positive node, raise only if you are sure about the problem.

      If you are not interested in the offer, then leave it and move to the next one. If we find any off-topic replies which are not related to original topic, we will delete them, and if you keep on doing this in the Market Place section, then your account will get a permanent ban.

      If you have an offer or are interested, contact the buyer/seller via PMs/VMs, do not post in the thread asking them to contact you.
      Posts like "reserved for me", "what is your FnF" etc are not allowed and will be deleted without any prior notification.

      They indirectly bump up the thread which is not allowed.

      7. For [WTS]:

      Don't post the same item/product offer again, you may bump your old offer strictly after 4 days of posting and can edit it. If you feel like you need to post some info about your product, do so with your next bump, alternatively you can edit your first post (highly advised) with your latest bump containing the info you needed to convey.

      8. Try to follow this universal PG format for selling:

      Package includes:
      Dealing method:
      Contact method/details:
      Item(s) conditions:

      All the fields mentioned above are MANDATORY.

      9. When your item gets SOLD, contact your nearest marketplace mod so they can close the thread, otherwise in case of no activity within 12 days you get warning and then resulting in immediate closing of thread.

      10. Including PICTURE(S) of the item you are selling/trading is MUST ! So that the buyer can see the condition for himself beforehand and to be safe from any fraud and confusion.

      10 a. Adding an escrow if you are new in the situation or ask for help if you are stuck. Deals on Pakgamers are user's responsibilty and at user's risk.

      In short terms, NO PICTURE(S) = NO THREAD(S) !

      Experienced members who have experience before in the marketplace section are to upload the original pictures within 20mins of their posting of the thread.

      New members are to upload the picture(s) of the item(s) in 2hrs.

      Failure to follow this rule will result in 3 warnings and then a ban of 2weeks/14days will be handed out.

      Advice: Make it a habit of yours to take picture(s) beforehand before making and posting a thread.
      This habit will save you from many things and hasslement.

      Pictures are must in order to maintain the thread and to sell items. You will have to take atleast one picture containing the product you are selling/trading and your PG user name written on a piece of paper beside the item(THIS IS COMPULSORY IF YOU HAVE A TRADER RATING OF LESS THAN 10), so that we can be sure its not ripped off from internet and other users(read= potential buyers) are sure that the product is available, failure to do so may result in a permanent ban. Third Party links will be deleted without intimation. NEW: You are also REQUIRED to write the words "PakGamers" under the username. Failure to do so will result in action being taken.

      Working Screenshots for CPU/GPU/Motherboard etc with date and time are also MANDATORY.

      Tip: It is better to upload picture(s) to a image hosting site like:
      ExtraImage.net - ExtraImage.net - Free Image Hosting / Image Upload
      Img Safe | Free Image Host
      cubeupload - zero compression image sharing
      Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

      ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
      Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
      TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

      WARNING ! Failure to upload the pictures when creating a thread and you will be asked to provide the original pictures within 2hrs. (Experienced members get 20mins)

      After that thread will be locked down immediately for the next 4 days (the legal time for your bump) even if you provide the pictures after 2hrs or 1 day or so.

      Don't place other links of your threads during bump period, it will result to delete your thread.

      No argument or excuses will be tolerated.
      If you have time to make a thread, then you have time to upload the pictures with it.

      Failure to have pictures and to provide them within the next 4 days will result in the thread being locked for the time of the next bump i.e. 4 more days.

      This is a fair warning and you all now have been warned as No pictures = No thread.

      Lastly, PakGamers.com will be not responsible if someone ripped you off or you bought something broken/fake, so be careful before buying anything it's all your responsibility, however we do try our best to keep an eye on fake/scam offers and usually delete any such offer we think it's fake as soon as it's been posted.

      11. Special services like rental threads, modding threads etc and bulk selling and SELLING AS A BUSINESS is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

      If you want to sell in bulk and/or want to offer a service then we have a premium marketplace membership available.
      Lately we've seen that many members have great privileges and they start selling on PG as a business, this is not allowed.
      Please contact Jshak regarding that matter or email jshak@pakgamers.com

      12. Arguing on the price of an item without proper proof given regarding current market price:

      If anyone is found arguing regarding the price of an item then he/she will receive an infraction/ban (as the seller is not forcing anyone to buy his/her product). If posts are found saying " Price too high...", "Decrease your price" in the forum you will be asked to explain yourself, failure to do so may result in an infraction/ban.

      Also talking/discussing in the thread is STRICTLY PROHIBITED !
      If you have any inquires/offers/negotiating or anything else, PM/VM/Call/SMS the seller/buyer/trader.

      Failure to follow this rule will result in a 2 weeks/14 days ban.

      If you have any problem with a thread/post, there's a Report Post button in the bottom left of every post, it is there for your ease and use it to alert the moderators of any suspicious activity or if seeing anyone not following the rules.


      Posts like "Read the rules, upload pictures, post demand etc" will be deleted without any notification. 3 or more infractions will result in a ban of 1 week/7 days.

      14. PRE-ORDERING or any other threads that involve getting the product in future are not allowed anymore.

      If you have the said products in your possession, only then you are allowed to post a thread with necessary picture(s) included for proof.

      Example : Hey my brother/aunt/parents/etc are coming from abroad and if someone wants any stuff. Please inform so I can bring it for you. Deposit amount and you will get the item.

      We make sure and ensure about the safety and reputation matters on pg. As a family , we make sure that we do alot of stringent checks even for Premium sellers that are new to pg and obtain " Pre Ordering stuff - From abroad ). Premium Sellers are are permitted till a limit after background checking for their reputation. We do not want anyone facing scams in this scenario. Permissions are subjected.

      If you want to sell anything on pg, make sure you have the stuff. We value our members than regretting.

      PSN Game Sharing has been allowed but only old trusted members with a trader score of 20+ can post gamesharing threads without contacting a mod first, to avoid scams as it involves future buying...

      Also only those members having either a trader score of 20 (100%) or 1000 posts are eligible to make gamesharing threads...

      For new members having trader score less than 20+ or posts less than 1000+, you are to PM a marketplace mod (or Jshak)with these details first in order to post a gamesharing thread:

      NIC Number
      Landline Number
      Complete Address

      (These details are to be PM'd to a mod, not to put up in the thread)

      And if you have purchased a game or games/stuff and want to share with other people, upload the pictures of the account along with your nickname written on a piece of paper beside the downloading list....

      Also only "ONE" Gameshare thread per "TWO" weeks is allowed...
      Gameshare thread will use up your quota of 2 threads per section...
      So if you put up a gameshare thread and another thread, your quota will be used, which will be restored after 3 days BUT you can put another gameshare thread only after TWO weeks, get it?

      Starting from today (15-10-11), a new rule of limiting creation of threads per user is being introduced.

      Each member is now limited to creating 8 threads per 3 days in the marketplace.

      2 threads for each section.

      Can be both for [WTS] or [WTB] or [WTT] or a combination of any two.

      So the breakdown is like this:

      Game Consoles & Accessories: 2 threads.

      Computers & Hardware: 2 threads.

      Mobile Phones & Accessories: 2 threads.

      Other Stuff: 2 threads.

      This will reduce the number of threads and thread spamming.

      Please plan ahead and group together and post similar items on sale or to buy in a single thread rather than creating an individual thread for the items of the same category.

      Thread creation WILL NOT be carried on towards the next 8 threads per 3 days.
      If you didn't avail the creation of 8 threads and 3 days have passed, all your thread creation will be reset.

      So you will then again have the limit of 8 threads that you can create over the period of 3 days.

      Now this is a pretty important new rule so it needs a bit of elaboration.

      Even if you get one of your threads closed, that won't mean that you just opened up a slot to post another thread.

      8 threads per 3 days are allotted to you, so use them over the period of 3 days.
      Once 3days pass by, you'll be allotted 8 threads again, 2 for each section.

      If you haven't used up your quota, not our problem, nothing will be carried on.

      16. When selling game keys for PC games, it is necessary that you mention the source of the key.

      1. Steam itself doesn't sell KEYS.
      2. These keys are acquired from promos or 3rd party sources.
      3. In some cases wrong keys are bought with fake CC.
      4. This results in an instant ban of account where this key is activated.

      So for example a person has a 20000 rs account. And if he activates this fake key. His whole account is blocked for counterfeit and fraud and that fake seller will get away with money. So IT IS EXTREMELY NECESSARY for anyone selling STEAM key, they should mention the source and the proof.

      17. Selling game cards (PSN cards, XBOX LIVE cards, WoW cards etc)...

      It is necessary for you to post the real picture of the card in your possession (scanned or taken by a camera).
      What you will do is use any image editing software of your choice (e.g. paint) and BLACKOUT the code part from the image(s)...

      This way your code will be secure.

      If you got the code in your email or on your PC like in notepad, screen-cap the email/notepad along with the code and again BLACKOUT the code part and then upload the pic after being 100% sure that the code is hidden and hasn't been missed...


      Premium members have their own space for selling/trading/buying, but from time to time even they have to come to the marketplace to sell stuff to a whole wide audience or buy from them etc.

      Premium Sellers are Only " Allowed " to link their E-store Signature in their links " Only" or FB page if they have. Direct Website owners should contact Administration for promoting their website. Direct Marketing of Third Party Websites, can be subjected to purchase a " Marketing " Programe on Pakgamers. Administration has the right to Edit/Delete any suspicious promotion without any notice.
      The purpose of promoting services via E-Mall ( Premium Services ) is to gain access to number of recognised members for those who Free Lance business. Professional Business entity should contact the Administration for their purpose of their stay on PAKGAMERS.

      When they enter the boundaries of the marketplace, they are bounded by the Marketplace rules, i.e. they will have to follow EACH one of these rules, like bumping after 4 days, posting original pictures etc.

      Failure to follow the rules within the boundaries of the marketplace may result in a temporary ban from entering the General Marketplace Section...

      19. Bidding is forbidden for all the members who enter the general marketplace.

      Posting threads where asking to bid for the item(s) is completely forbidden and will be taken down (locked or delete) immediately without any notice.

      Premium Members however can do bidding or so in their own space but once they enter the general marketplace, they too are bound by all the rules surrounding the marketplace.

      Failure to follow this rule and breaking it 3 times will result in a ban.

      20. Selling of Hard Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Mass Storage Devices (USBs, Memory cards):

      It is recommended that a seller shall upload complete HD Tune Deep Scan + Health images for used storage with date and time.

      It is however TOTAL responsibility of the BUYER to seek whatever benchmark or screenshot he/she want to see before buying a used HDD/SSD or any other mass storage device. This forum provides only a platform to the buyer and seller to deal and sell / buy at their own risk as such PG Admn / Staff / Moderators do not undertake any kind of responsibility and will NOT entertain any complaint about condition and/or health of used hard disks

      21. In a product [WTS] thread under clause WARRANTYfollowing to be added effective immediately
      Warranty: Incase under warranty [Duration of warranty], [claimed RMA in past or not], [Proof of warranty in form of pictures], anyother details asked by the buyers

      A picture of warranty slip showing part no of the hardware along with the part no sticker on the hardware itself and the box/packing (if box is available). Such details should be provided to the buyers. If no such details are available product will be considered With no warranty and minimum 1 day check warranty from the time of reciept of hardware be provided to the buyers. Its better to provide full details of all your claims or else don't claim and save yourself alot of work and trouble.

      22. Zero Post counts are required to have at least 50 posts before making a thread in the " Market Place ". This is a security check to understand how this forum works.

      PG admins/Team PG should no be approached for help incase of any bad deal, if any buyer or seller has not followed these rules.

      Market Place Trader Score

      You can start rating the other members by clicking on trader score tag but use it with care as this feature is included for your own convenience where trust factor is the main issue behind unpleasant deals. Please do write the comments that the member deserve so one can judge him/her as honest or fraud seller or buyer accordingly..

      Deal Back Offs:

      If the seller intends to withdraw his item/product, then he/she should do it before the final deal agreement, else if the deal executes. The seller will be compensating for the loss and will not be permitted to post any of his items for 14 days ( Situation Depending )

      If the buyer refuses an agreed deal. Either he should compensate the loss to the seller or accept a 14 Days Ban ( On Proper Justification Query )

      III.A seller has full right to ask for token money for reserving his item or if the buyer wants to have the product shipped first, the seller has full right to first ask for security deposit as it is the seller's item.IV.Trader Score System Tempering:
      If someone has given a fake trader score for and hence cannot proof the legitimacy of the sale/purchase (no matter if the member is premium seller). Permanent ban will be issued without the possibility of reversal and case appeal.

      Announcement :
      No matter if the member is premium seller or normal member, Permanent ban will be issued without the possibility of reversal and case appeal.

      New Announcement :
      [Update] Trader Score System Tempering

      No buyer can force/argue with the seller to have the product reserved without money or ship it first, else the arguer will serve a ban of 14days/2weeks ( conditional )

      Trader Score removal :
      Pakgamers is no longer responsible if any members issues a positive or negative trader score by any means. On worst case scenario, the trader score will be converted into " neutral ". The score will remain on the profile with the comments.

      Any frustrated language used against the " Team PG " will be subjected to a permanent ban without disclosing the reason.

      Alternatively, a seller can refuse to reserve the product and/or to ship the product first to the buyer even if token money/security deposit is being made, as it is the seller's item and he/she has full right to it.

      No buyer can force the seller to either reserve the item or ship it first if the seller disagrees, else the forcing party will serve a ban of 30days!

      If an Premium member helps you on something, and the deal does not goes " positive " . Do not go around the bush to bad mouth his reputation. Raise only an arguement if you see any flaw.

      If your deal goes bad for no reason and you are attacked with a negative trader score, possibility that it will never be removed. It will be turned into neutral, but the accusation will remain as it is. No one removing of trader score from the system will be implemented.

      Contacting the administration number ( CONTACT NUMBER/WHATSAPP/Direct calling )or team pg staff for any problem to the resolve it, will be subjected to 3 month ban without any reasoning. So keep all the matters of PG till email or PG. Do not attempt to call the Team Staff pg to listen to your issues.

      Do not attempt to contact any team staff on their personal numbers or facebook,etc. Keep all the communications on email. Anything beyond that will result to a Ban for min 3 months.

      Also, if a seller fails to collect token money/security deposit and ships the item first and then the buyer runs off or pays less than what was finalized, the buyer won't be held responsible for anything as it would be the seller's fault in this matter.

      The token money will be deducted from the finalized deal between the two parties to which they agreed upon.

      Mandatory for 25+ Trade Score Members:

      Read here

      Contacting a Team PG Staff member ( Offline ) :

      Most of the team pg staff members have their personal numbers provided on the forum for extreme emergencies, please do not call them directly at all at your conviniece for pg related problem, consult first. If anyone found doing that, they can be " Banned permanently " . If you have any issues, contact " jshak@pakgamers.com " via email and wait for the response.

      We at pakgamers work hard to resolve issues volunteeringly. We have a list of PM's that we need to cater with priority. If you are being treated unjustly, please drop in an email and wait for the reply.

      All issues will be investigated, both parties will reflect their proofs.

      Shipment methods

      Please ask the seller for the shipping method he is using.

      i.e Shipper risk (meaning that shipping is going to be standard and the responsibility is on the buyer
      i.e Fragile deliver without insurance (meaning that shipping is going to be with extra care and the responsibility is on the buyer).

      Or any other that the sender is going to use about it.

      It's is very much advised to ask the seller what sort of shipping method he is going to use, please make sure that you have all this proof written on you inbox or VM, if any need arises.

      Irrelevant Replies

      NO ONE is allowed to post in the offer/thread posted in the Market Place section about anything.

      Do not post anything in the thread else. Every conversation/tips/offers etc are to be done via PM/VM/SMS/CALL. If you think that someone is selling fake or something at very un-normal price then it's your right to reply there so other members become alert too and avoid buying it, or simply report such member to one of the Market Place moderators directly or to global moderators/admins.

      No Irrelevant Replies will be tolerated like :
      i) Hey Cool Offer man
      ii) Nice offer, best of luck selling it.
      iii) You are selling it at quite at over-priced rate.
      iv) Good offer ABCDX but I don't have a money to buy it but I will had bought it from you when I had the money.

      If we catch someone violating this rule then a ban will be given without any warning for X days for may be on permanent basis. Lastly before accusing someone for any reason. Please Note, That A proper justified matter is required.

      Why is your Thread closed?

      There a lot of threads closed recently. If you were the creator of the thread and wondering why your thread is closed then I have closed them for four major reasons (threads will be closed without intimation):

      No pictures:-
      Upload pictures. No excuses like no cam, busy, dog died, cat not drinking milk, girlfriend ran away etc etc. Post original pictures of the item that you intend to sell. (Creating another thread will result in an account ban. If you want to upload the pictures just PM any marketplace mod).

      Frequent Bumping:-
      It is clearly written in the market place rules that bumping is allowed after 4days. Sticky threads are not allowed to bump. So either follow the rules or get your threads closed. (Creating another thread will result in an account ban. Your thread will be reopened after 4 days of last bump if you PM the mods).

      Bump only after 4 days have been passed after the last post, that last post could be your last bump or anyone else who has posted in the thread.

      Threads with no location mentioned will be closed as to reduce the queries like "What's your location?"

      Mention your demand so that the buyer may offer you accordingly. Otherwise get ready for ridiculous offers.

      V. Services:-
      Like stated above that no threads which allow services like renting/modding etc are allowed.
      If you have a service to offer, buy a premium membership, simple.

      VI. Gamesharing/Pre-orders:-
      No longer allowed, so if you post a thread and it gets closed, then no need to create a scene, just come back here and see the rule.

      VII. Bulkselling:-
      Bulk selling is strictly prohibited and the thread will be closed without any notification.
      If you want to sell in bulk, then please get the premium membership for the marketplace section i.e @Jshak
      Quantity of 1 or 2 pieces of the same items are permitted, anything beyond is subjected to " Bulk Selling ".

      Please DO NOT impersonate a Staff Member and if we find out that you are guilty of the charge, we have the right to report you the legal authorities.

      Advice on how to stay safe from fraud

      Due to rapid growth of the marketplace, you are never safe from scams/frauds etc.

      To stay safe and to help your case against them, you can do the following:

      1. Whenever you are set out to deal, whether buying or selling, from the first PM/SMS/VM/Call till the last deal closing one, SAVE the PMs/SMSes/VMs and calls (if possible to save calls).

      This will ensure that if (khudanakhasta) a deal goes sour, you can then have proof of the deal that you made and can build a case against the guy. Also keep evidences for the deal record.

      2. Always check out the trader score, but don't rely 100% on the trader score, use your common sense too and try to ask around about the guy you're about to deal with.

      This will give you a general idea about how the guy is etc.

      3. Always triple check 'too good to be true' true deals, many of our esteemed members tend to provide you with the lowest of prices but others can also use this tactic to lure you into a scam/fraud.

      4. It is always better to contact the mods and the admin first before making a public scene. If the charges are proved wrong and on top of that you are found guilty then it will bring nothing but shame and humiliation and maybe a permanent ban.

      5. If you fail to understand someone clearly, involve someone reputated from the forum. Do ask for help if you want to proceed with the deal.

      Advice On How To Properly Add Titles When Selling Console Games:

      When selling/buying/trading console games, make it a habit of yours to follow this format:

      [Proper Tag - WTS/WTB/WTT] [Console Platform] <Title of the game> [Region (if applicable)]


      [WTS]: [PS3] Killzone 3 [Region 2]

      This will tell the buyer/seller/trader at first glance that what platform game is being sold and what region it is...

      It will help buyers considerably as well.

      This format is NOT MANDATORY but is advisable and if you have any issues, please " PM " the Moderators of the Section or report to " JSHAK " or " NanoW"




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