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So...You are a British citizen?

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If you are a British citizen of Pakistani or other non British origin,you better keep in touch with your country of origin as chances are that you or your children might need it.

British government always reserved the right to cancel the nationality of naturalized citizens of foreign origins but now more and more reasons are being added for cancellation of British Citizenship,and cases of British Government cancelling people's nationality are on the rise. Now they can cancel your nationality even if you were born in Britain.
Worryingly enough being born in Britain means nothing and you are legally considered immigrant if at the time of your Birth in Britain your parents did not already have Permanent residence or had British Citizenship.

But even if your parents had Permanent residence or British nationality at the time of your birth and in that case you are considered British by Birth,the British Government can still cancel your nationality and expect you to return to your country of origin and get yourself a nationality from there.This can happen even if you never had passport from your country of origin.

Among a long list of reasons and circumstances under which British government can revoke your British citizenship only two are well defined. One is if you stay outside UK for seven cotinuous years if you are a British naturalized citizen. Second is if you get jailed for 12 or more months within initial 5 years of your naturalization. All the rest of the reasons are ambiguous and open to interpretation by British Government as they wish.

Among the ambiguous reasons which have no well defined legal explaination,some are more understandable reasons such as offenses like violent crime,being involved in anti state activities. But the list also includes "Public order offenses" which are a very long list of minor crimes such as making noise in populated areas and even verbally threatening someone without ever causing any harm. So in theory you can be stripped of British nationality if you were playing loud music in a populated area as that comes under the definition of public order offenses.

For stripping someone for more obvious reasons such as suspected terrorists,the term "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply and just suspicion is enough to cancel their British passports without providing them a chance to defend their case.
The British Government is not obliged to present any proof of the alleged person's involvement in anti state or terrorist activities.

Once the person's British nationality is cancelled,they are written a letter to inform them,and given 28 days to appeal against the decision. But that too is open to manipulation. In many cases letters have been deliberately sent to the person's previous address or while they were abroad,leaving them unaware of the cancellation of their nationality. Eventually when they did find out,the 28 days window of appeal had already gone.

So far only one person,an iraqi immigrant has succesfully appealed and the British Government's decision to cancel his nationality was deemed unlawful by the British supreme court. But another decision of cancelling his nationality was given by British government followed by another right to appeal,and a the case was sent back to the court as a new case,and the loop continues to this date.

The most vulnerable people might be 760,000 naturalized muslim British citizens who were born abroad. Although the cancellation of citizenship laws apply to much larger number of currently British citizens.

If asked,the British interior ministy or the Home office as it is called will give you "Verbal guarantee" that such laws are very rarely used and that may well be the case,but there is nothing in British law which stops them from using these laws more often if they want to do so tomorrow onwards. This in effect creates two different classes of British citizens. The lower class or non indigenous British citizens who are at higher risk of being kicked out and no law stops the British Government from doing so. Then the upper class , the indigenous British citizens or in simple words the "Whites" who dont face such risks. Although a "Royal order" can even strip a Native British or white guy from British citizenship as the British Monarch can exile anybody from UK and does not need a law or court order. This ambiguity and legal uncertainity maked British Citizenship a "Previlage not a right".

About depriving someone of their British nationality by "Royal order" you may think at least in this case the Queen of England will issue the orders. Wrong again. When it comes to immigration laws the British may be one of the biggest benders of laws . The British Government has consent of the Queen to act on her behalf in immigration matters. So a "Royal order" to strip someone of their British nationality and exile them can be given by some office worker in British Interior ministery or Home office,without any involvement of the Quee. This gives the British Government unlimited and ultimate authority to cancel someone's British passport and Nationality,and if done in this way the person at receiving end will have no legal rights to protest or challenge the decision.

In contrast many other countries guarantee by law that they wont strip you of the nationality you obtainef by lawful means. For example Swedish immigration laws clearly say "Nobody will be deprived of Swedish citizenship without the citizen's own consent". Similar guaratess exist in other countrys' immigration laws. No such joy in Britain.

The only phrase in British law which offered some sort of guarantee of keeping their British nationality was that nobody could be made stateless. That is nobody who had British Nationality only,and had no chance of asking their country of origin for a passport , could not be stripped of their British passport. But that is not the case anymore. As of latest ammendments,the British government can deprive you of your British passport even if you dont have an alternative. All they have to do now is after cancelling your passport,issue you with a temporary visa to allow your stay in Britain as a stateless person. Once again no details are available about what type of visa it will be and what rights such a person will have.

Word of advice here for all non native British is that having a British passport is no guarantee that you will remain British for the rest of your days. It is highly advisable to keep some assets in your country of origin.Teach your children your native language and keep them introduced to your country of origin. So that if the worst happens,you have somewhere to go and a source of income.
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  1. NaNoW's Avatar
    This is indeed interesting..didnt knew this could happen.
    But I am sure that the govt. wont act on it, unless you really are trying to cause like massive trouble ?
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