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Pakistan National Anthem - A Compromised Identity!?

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What is a National Anthem? I often find myself asking this. Being 'philosophical' for a moment, its our identity, one umbrella to gather the nation under, a hope, a sign of pride ... blah blah yada yada. Surprised? I am too.

Pakistan National Anthem - A PTV Classic

So, National Anthem. I remember listening to this classic piece, having a magical effect on me, filling me with a discreetly motivational power which i could not comprehend as a child. I remember standing up on my seat, with a feeling of pride, a feeling which is a rarity these days even in me. I remember singing the National Anthem along with the music, and repeating the same thing in my School Assembly time, just after "Lab pe Aati hay Dua".

What happened? Did we grow up? Or did the nation get lost?

Nearly ALL of the people i meet today, do not remember their National Anthem apart from "Pak Sar-Zameen Shad Bagh", which they consider 'words' only. They refuse to understand the meaning, or the spirit of it. They do not stand up to show respect. Neither do they have anything sweet to say about this country which gives them independence, an identity to care about.

WHAT HAPPENED? A question i still wonder about, but do not have an answer to.

Spoiler: show

P.S. I dislike the latest 'guitar' anthem. The one i have shared above, has always been my all time favorite. Something which still holds the power to 'move' me.

P.P.S. My first blog entry. Grammer Nazis need to stay out.
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  1. staticPointer's Avatar

    how to translate our anthem into ENG ????
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  2. sunny945's Avatar
    the latest guitar anthem is surely i hate. our national anthem is so valuable to us and we should not mixed it up with background music/guitar etc.
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  3. Pleasant's Avatar
    Can someone share the new one ? i would like to hear it
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  4. ammarzubair's Avatar
    we all remember those days i guess. but as a child i never understood the meaning of what our anthem stands for....

    perhaps it not being in urdu has something to do with it
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  5. shahzadfootball's Avatar
    Agreed .I remember just last year my school's sound system malfunctioned in the assembly . And everyday in the assembly,there are students who are suppose to recite the national anthem while it's being played but I knew the situation was otherwise . They were merely just lipsing ,I knew it because as I gave the (I believe the word is drill commands or cautions ?) ,I could not even hear their voices . So back to the main story . When the sound system malfunctioned . The whole school stared at the students ,waiting for them to begin reciting it but their faces looked blanked . The teachers who were standing behind all the students gave the signals to those students to start reciting but soon i figured out that they didn't know it . So I started reciting it and the students facing towards me joined int ,and so did the teachers but I couldn't help but notice that those students ,whose mere duty was to recite the anthem, were still reluctant to recite it BECAUSE THEY HAD NEVER EVEN BOTHERED MEMORISING IT .

    I was so bothered by this . I remember that day the principal giving teachers the hard time for choosing such students and then she came upto me and appreciated what I did .

    I even remember vividly when ,12 years ago I joined kindergarten and people reciting the national anthem made me so happy . The school I went to at that age didn't have a sound system so the students had to recite the national anthem . I was only 3-4 back then but the national anthem made me feel so energetic that when I'd come back from school ,i'd try to sing it with rhythm but I failed because I didn't know the whole of it .

    Now the school that I go to ,it doesn't even bother with morning assemblies . This is indeed sad .

    PS: When I was in China ,in the mornings it was customary for employees of high-level barber shops,restaurants etc to come outside infront of the main gate of their shop and recite their own very piece of national anthem . It was really a beautiful sight to see
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  6. abobobilly's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pleasant
    Can someone share the new one ? i would like to hear it
    This is petty much it. You can imagine it without the extra bells and whistles, i.e. with just the electric guitar.

    Its awesome. But i dislike it, for it does not have the same powerful feeling classic one has. OR maybe thats just me.

    Quote Originally Posted by ammarzubair
    perhaps it not being in urdu has something to do with it
    It has commonality with Persian. But it is in Urdu.
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  7. Pleasant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by abobobilly
    This is petty much it. You can imagine it without the extra bells and whistles, i.e. with just the electric guitar.

    Its awesome. But i dislike it, for it does not have the same powerful feeling classic one has. OR maybe thats just me.

    It has commonality with Persian. But it is in Urdu.
    Oh yeah i heard the electric guitar one so now they play the guitar cover at PTV
    yeah i will prefer the Orchestra one
    solo guitar is only Good with Promos on 14th august or documentry background music
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  8. HAMMER of THOR's Avatar
    i sang that anthem for years and years as a kid... more than a decade infact... but i never could memorize it... i never could... don't know why... always had to follow other's lead and never could sing it on my own...
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  9. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    I never could memorize it too despite singing it loud and clear in my school for nearly 10 years.
    Yet, I still stand for it and call myself a Pakistani. :/
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  10. Yasir Nadeem's Avatar
    I remember my Matric/9th Class Fellows Making Fun Of The National Anthem It made me cry everyday whenever i think about that :/. leaving that aside. I still remember my national anthem I Never Forgot My Anthem Which Made Me Feel Proud Everyday I Listened To It, It's Sad Kids etc. These Days Disrespect Our National Anthem.
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  11. abobobilly's Avatar
    There was a time when i had this instrumental anthem set as my ring tone, for like a while year. And while it was embarrassing to have this go off at a worst possible time (say, in the middle of a classroom of 100, or in a washroom :P) ... it did raise quite a few eyebrows. My only disappointment, very few of those were reflecting appreciation, while the rest were screaming "lol wtf ye kya baqwas hay" expression.
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  12. kooldj's Avatar
    im from a very mediocre school...known as CAA model school. Although i dont completely understand the national anthem but i remember it perfectly mainly due to the rythm in which the whole school used to sang it every morning. and i still enjoy it singing
    well this nation is completely fukkkked up..its useless to ask why ppl forgot national anthem...its a thing that is not even farz on them to know, who cares? if u tell u mom n dad to wake every1 up at 6am and sing national anthem, they will simply laugh at you and say where is ur mind these days ur not focusing on ur studies
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  13. 25 to life's Avatar
    Here is a party pooping explaination 4 u

    Joseph Jordania has suggested that music (as well as several other universal elements of contemporary human culture, including dance and body painting) was part of a predator control system used by early hominids. He suggested that rhythmic loud singing and drumming, together with the threatening rhythmic body movements and body painting, was the core element of the ancient "Audio-Visual Intimidating Display" (AVID).[13] AVID was also a key factor in putting the hominid group into a specific altered state of consciousness which he calls "battle trance" where they would not feel fear and pain, and would be religiously dedicated to group interests. Jordania suggested that listening and dancing to the sounds of loud rhythmic rock music, used in many contemporary combat units before the combat missions is directly related to this.[14] Apart from the defense from predators, Jordania suggested that this system was the core strategy to obtain food via confrontational, or aggressive scavenging..
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  14. Spartan 117's Avatar
    I think with the increasingly deteriorating situation of the country, especially Terrorism, people just lost faith or something.

    I mean I used to remember that when I was a kid, 14th August (Independence Day) REALLY MEANT SOMETHING. Me and my cousins would gather and decorate the house on the eve. If you visit the market/bazaar, almost every shop would be covered with some kind of decorations.
    But as I grew up, this zeal and fervor slowly started to diminish and now 14th August, here at least, doesn't seem that different from any other holiday. That special feeling is gone, hardly anyone celebrates it like they used to now.

    National anthem has a similar case. In schools, it was a more proud/patriotic thing to sing the anthem. As I reached higher classes, situation changed.
    Some cinemas play the National Anthem just before starting the movie, and often at times I have seen people sitting and eating during it. Many people I meet at Uni, class fellows and friends, curse Pakistan for any mishap or sometimes just generally. Sometimes I just say "GTFO then, and stop being a burden here."

    Yes this country is deep in corruption, yes this country has extreme terrorism, yes this country is poor and 3rd world-ish, yes this country has load shedding, gas shedding and lots of other sheddings/shortages. BUT this is still our Country, our nation, our freedom, our Identity and our ONLY HOME in this ruthless world. Be thankful for it, be proud of it, work hard for it.
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  15. neox3d's Avatar
    I Love our national anthem and I like the one with the full orchestra. Guitar one is not bad imo.

    Honestly the problem I see with it, is that its not even on our native tongue, so never understood its full meaning that it deserves. And I think that is the same problem which many have, people usually don't remember things they can't relate to or have trouble understanding...e.g ring any bells, hafiz-e-qurans. I have only met 2 in my life who actually know what they have memorized, the rest are just that, they remember it verbally but it has no meaning to them because its not a tongue they speak or know.

    The true problem is not that people don't respect our national anthem. The true problem is that we are not a nation anymore, just group of peoples of various ethnicity, culture, tongue, living, we are different on religion, skin and we don't see our selves as a nation. That is why the masses ignore it and don't respect it because the words seems hollow now. Its not a safe haven, its not prospering.

    This country has not lost its identity. To lose something you need to have it first. We have not built our identity in the first place. Why does Pakistan matter? Because of Pakistanis. But why do Pakistanis matter? Currently the answer is not much. And that my friends is the answer to everything if we can get it right. If me make ourselves matter by achieving greatness for ourselves, in achieving self respect when the word pakistanis is mentioned and that requires a lot and it starts from correcting ourselves from within.

    Our people need to know this then and then will we respect each other. The idea that it takes all of us to build a nation that everything we do must not be for my own profit alone but of that of my neighbor, of the common citizen of Pakistan, regardless if he is sunni, shia, muslim or hindu or sikh or christian or ahmedi, or is labor or business.

    At the end to build an identity everyone should have relevance to it, only then you can build it. That is how you get people together. When you have something in common, not religion/firqas, not agendas, not color or creed. But mutual respect and commitment. And the idea that every part of the body matters from your pinky to your head. You need everyone to make a nation, you can achieve it with fairness, justice, trust and respect. And it is the lack of these qualities is why every Pakistani is wary from another Pakistani, people here have serious trust issues.

    That is the reason why many don't respect the national anthem, to respect it you have to be part of a nation and have an identity which we don't.
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  16. abobobilly's Avatar
    I just wanted to clear something up, incase someone misunderstood it. The 'new' national anthem isn't exactly 'new' per se. It was recorded by our very own Ali Azmat's Junoon Band.

    So by new, I meant the 'new trend', where this 'guitar' one is replacing our classic one slowly.
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  17. Pleasant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by abobobilly
    I just wanted to clear something up, incase someone misunderstood it. The 'new' national anthem isn't exactly 'new' per se. It was recorded by our very own Ali Azmat's Junoon Band.

    So by new, I meant the 'new trend', where this 'guitar' one is replacing our classic one slowly.
    Just a correction not ALI AZMAT from Junoon band it was Played by SALMAN AHMED from Junoon
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