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Spirit of Independence

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August 14, Pakistan's Yaum e Azadi, is two days away. Apart from the date, there's little indication from our surroundings that Independence Day is near.

August 14th used to be a big occasion during my childhood years. I remember my grandfather taking us to the market and making us buy all sorts of things that were relevant to that special day. The market place used to, literally, become green when August started and there was so much variety to choose from. We were given a free hand to buy badges, stickers and the obligatory Pakistan flag that we would affix on top the house. I still recall the jealousy that arose within me when I saw a bigger flag flying atop some other house in the neighbourhood.

All of the cousins would get together and adorn the house with lights and flaglets (jhandiyan). Some of the stickers we stuck on switchboards are present to this day, in spite of numerous whitewashes. Sturdy little things, they were. We would arrange tableaus, host quiz games regarding Pakistan's history and play stupid mini-games like bursting water balloons to finding hidden treasures inside like Naz Pan masala, Shahi Supari and toffees/candies. Childhood used to be a lot of fun.

And ours wasn't the only house in the neighbourhood that was decorated in this fashion. The least anybody would do was attach a flag on top of their house. I remember one year when my grandmother was critically ill (so the celebrations were subdued) but we still arranged candles in a 14 shape and lighted them in the drive-way at night.

The turn of the millennium brought an abrupt end to proceedings. And as the years went by, I witnessed very little enthusiasm amongst the general population in celebrating August 14. One might argue that the country is on a rapid downward spiral so there is little left to cheer about, and perhaps that point of view is justified. But it pains me to see that today I could hardly see a home with a Pakistan flag, including my own. The spirit has died.

The generation that was involved in the creation of Pakistan is steadily passing away. Maybe we, the new generation, don't value the importance of Independence like our fore-fathers did? The spirit of patriotism is gone and negativity and pessimism has taken its place instead.

I'll end with a "Jashn-e-Azadi mubarak everybody" felicitation and a prayer that may Allah provide us the will-power to improve our situation and may we see much better days in the near future. Aameen!
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  1. mubaidr's Avatar
    It is sad actually, our society is a failure i must say, our the time we have turned in to hypocrites and extremest and that it.
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  2. outlaw's Avatar
    Right you are. It was all different back in the days when I was a kid.
    I bet today's younger generation is missing a lot of fun in this regard. Patriotism is fading away as the time is going by
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  3. Zeus MK's Avatar
    yeah those good old goldie days...
    i wish they come back again
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  4. Hassan's Avatar
    Alas, those were the days. I used to enjoy decorating my home with flaglets the most and i miss those small glitter flags :')
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  5. assasin42o's Avatar
    Bachpan yaad dila diya... Buht achay din hote thay wo.. Used to go with my dad on bike to buy those little jhandiyan and decorate our home with it..

    I totally agree that the next generation is not that keen the way we used to be about it. Probably because of so much other activities involved in their lifestyle that they don't get time for this? In our time, our only source of entertainment was a TV with probably 10-15 channels so we looked forward for these occasions to celebrate.

    Plus the public now as compared to 15-20 years earlier are much more hopeless now... 14th Aug has become just another national holiday for us now.
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  6. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    6 or 7 years ago, I would see so many flags and jhandian on nearly every house. But suddenly people stopped celebrating it like they used to. However I noticed that some enthusiasm returned in this and last year's celebration. I saw many houses with flags today. Saw a lot of students with green/white face paints when returning from university, and cars with flags on the bonnets (a new trend I guess? lol). Us NEDians celebrated it like we do every year, with a 250+ foot long flag on the main road, with 5000+ students, dancing, celebrating, and at the end singing the anthem. And there was a huge ass cake too! I felt proud today. And it rained lightly as well!
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  7. extremlycool's Avatar
    Its maybe because we have started labeling on the basis of ethnicity.
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  8. GloriousChicken's Avatar
    Brought tears to my eyes.....
    I love you man.
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  9. rockerssss's Avatar
    The past was indeed the golden time..
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  10. HOTSHOT's Avatar
    During 90's it was good days in pakistan. I never thought i would end up in abroad. We used to celebrate with fireworks and decorated our house with small pakistan flags. But now these days people are struggling to leave pakistan and working hard to get nationality of western countries and australia to settle their for good and make their life better. The environment and atmosphere becomes too much dull and depressive nobody wish to live like that. Mostly people say that you only live once to dont waste your life in humiliation by living in these condition instead leave and settle out there for good to spend best life.
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  11. shahzadfootball's Avatar
    I do agree that the current generation does not value what it is like to have independence . And wow those games you played sounds so awesome ! Really gave me goose bumps and touched my heaert mate ! I would admit it damn straight that I am jealous that you had the opportunity to experience all those . Unfortunately for the current generation ,we are born too late . Our parents urge us to stay indoors which makes sense due to many circumstances .

    When I left back in 2006 in Sept. I remember how awesome the 14th August was . Every year my elder brother used to buy alot of Jhandiyan and we would decorate our car with it and everyone who rode in the car with us felt so patriotic . When I came here in this July and saw how there was negligible spirit of 14th august 8 years later,I was really depressed .

    And yes I admit the spirit of patriotism is gone . I guess this is because the people think there is nothing to celebrate about which is not true . Everyday when I go to school in Qingqi,I praise these qingqi people. They are earning the legal way . They could go ahead and become beggers but no they sort out and did this . And the way they decorate the Qingqi it really touches my heart . I mean I love how people can insert our culture to almost everything . Globalisation is something alot of countries are scared of but it's happy to see that our country is not that effected by it
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