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My latest obsession

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For a guy in his early fourties its a bit odd to even look at toys (except those adult ones ) but hey,i live in a western country where nobody gives hoot about what you are doing (Actually they are nosy but good at pretending they don't care).
So after a spell of stress and depression i started thinking of a way to distract myself from the routine life and many ideas came to the mind.
First idea that came to my mind was to buy a multi barrel gun and shoot all the homeless people,but unfortunately guns are banned in this country and so is murder.Then i thought of bungee jumping,the last time i bunjee jumped was 15 years ago,off the bridge at corinth canal and shouted all the abuse i could at a passing ferry underneath,knowing that they cant reach me.If i had fallen down,they had beaten me first before sending me to the hospital.But that's something i cant do regularly.Not many places for bungee jumping in this country.The next idea was to drive fast,But i live in the "Most watched" country on the planet with hundreds of thousands of CCTV cameras and plenty of speed cameras on motorways.A speeding car never gets unnoticed unless you are in the mountains of Scotland where nobody lives and nobody cares...or in Pakistan (still you people complain you are not free).
So i had to be content with something fast but free of legal troubles..Something that looks and drives like areal car..Only on a smaller scale and i cant ride it.
Here is what i bought,and love it.

Since i am still a beginner so i bought a relatively slow car which goes at 50 KPH,but was a pain to adjust the fuel air mixture and get the engine temperatures right.But thats part of the fun,you need a tabletop workshop with these things and need to tweak,tinker with these toys every time you run them.If you crash them, you will need to change broken parts which cost money.this one is only a 1/10 scale Niro model.Once i get some practice i may upgrade to 1/8 or 1/5 scale which are powerful and go to speeds of 60-70 MPH.
If any of you are interested and dont want the noise of a Nitro engine and the trouble of tweaking them,you may try the newer electric ones.Actually one particular electric model is faster than a real super car.

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Updated 18-05-13 at 03:30 AM by CrashBandicoot

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  1. Tech Reaper's Avatar
    The real awesome stuff starts at 1.55. awesome uncle?
    Spoiler: show
    Btw am 23
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  2. rafay22's Avatar
    Very nice bro...., but why didnt u just bought a drifting fuel powered cars...., they are alot much more fun....u can simply drift them on normal roads....., silvia <3
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  3. assasin42o's Avatar
    You're a really interesting guy for someone in his 40s..
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  4. OmMeE's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by assasin42o
    You're a really interesting guy for someone in his 40s..
    Now that was just a little to " Michael Jackson "

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  5. Journeys End's Avatar
    how dare u call these technological art as mere toys!!!

    i also have a life wish to buy RC drift cars and become expert at them. hopefully i will be able to complete mine before i'm 40ish
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  6. Syavash's Avatar
    How much is one of these? I SO NEED ONE.

    Spoiler: show
    P.S I am in Saudi so I can (and do) speed all I want
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  7. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    depending on what size and propulsion you buy...
    small size costs about 80 gbp here..and goes up to 1000 gbp...
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  8. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    How could this blog accumulate 3000 views in a week?
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  9. rkr710's Avatar
    Loved it !!
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  10. tigerman's Avatar
    Great blogs, wish u write them daily.........but really saddened at your revelation that you have been depressed. Hope things turn out better for you in future and u never cease to write blogs for us....cya
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