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Video game scores have started to bug me

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Hey fellow gamers, I just wanted to say that this whole review score thing is getting on my nerves. I remember a time when I used to go to a gameshop and look at the cover of a game and buy it or the time when I used to buy game just because a freind thought it is awesome or the time when a trailer/concept was enough to warrant a purchase. That I beleived added variety to the stuff I used to play. Now when I have to buy a game I see Scores. Quite Frankly I havent played/purchased the titles that have score below 8.5 on gamespot/metacritic for like 8 years now. I started to not enjoy gaming as much as I did before a long time ago. I wonder if letting reviewers choose what i play and not play has anything to do with it......

P.s. In an unrelated news Obsidian was fired by Bathesda because they could not get 8.5 from metacritic for NewVegas.
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  1. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    I agree. I too have played some games that I thought were quite brilliant (like Scooby Doo on PS2). When searched on Gamespot or Metacritic, the scores they've given to such games ridiculous. I can't believe they have given them such less scores.
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  2. Behrox's Avatar
    this gives us a lesson play what u like and don't give a shit about there scores
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  3. assuc's Avatar
    this is ur personal choice..scores are meant to be given by majority of gamers
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  4. wld007's Avatar
    kind of true. but if you are a PS3 gamer like me then you don't want to waste your 3000-4000 on a game which could turn out to be a waste of money. its not a 100rs ps2 game which u can buy by looking at the cover. but anyways, i believe any game above 7 is worth playing!
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