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Stuck in snow

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I live about 11 miles from the hills.For that reason this part of Manchester gets lots of unexpected weather...This saturday there was a forecast of light snow and that was what everybody was expecting.The highway authority and the city councils spread salt on the main roads to keep them clear of ice and light snow.
In the evening at around 3 PM i saw small flakes of snow which looked more like white dust flying in the air..It was cold buy pleasent as the clouds were descending on the hills and sky was turning white due to snow clouds.
I had to go somewhere in the evening,and i was watching the weather as i had to go to a hilly area which has steep narrow roads...Two hours later it was still snowing but it was melting straight away on the roads,due to the salt..
At 5Pm i assessed the driving conditions and it was all normal.So i set out..15 minutes later as i just entered the hilly area the sky ripped open..Snow was pouring down..Flakes just grew bigger and bigger and soon there was an inch thick sheet of snow on the roads..Mine is a front wheel drive and i always change the normal all weather tyres in October and put on the winter tyres.My tyres were still biting the road and i was making head way,but i saw expensive rear wheel drives just spinning their tyres and going nowhere.Drivers panicking and getting stuck on the pavement in mere six inches of snow while driving huge BMW X5s,because they had no experience of driving in snow and didnt know how to shift into 4WD,or simply didnt have the confidence to do that.Then i saw a long que of cars and had to stop awiting the traffic to move,but it wasnt moving.
At the end of the road just before the roundabout leading to the motorway,a lorry driver took the turn too sharp,skidded and jackknifed.It was a 35 ton lorry and long enough to block the whole road.The snow was now accumulting on cars,on pavement,and the blanket was getting thicker on the road.The grit salt was now uneffective.
For the next two hours the Queing traffic only got worse and the Que was now more than three miles long..All this time police car after police car kept crossing us trying to reach the lorry,but then one of the drivers in front of me who had walked all the way to the accident scene told me that another lorry had jackknifed on the same roundabout and now nobody was going anywhere until the lorrys were moved...
Going on the side roads was not safe as there was no grit there and every snow flake had accumulated,and the snow cover was much thicker.
All this time and we hadnt moved an inch..Many people who lived nearby,started to abndon their cars and walk home.
Finally 3 hours later and about six police cars later,they managed to move the lorries and traffic started to creep.The pace was slow due to snow,obviously..but was made worse by abandoned cars litterd here and there.
It took me a total of 5 hours to reach my home,and i was only 9 miles away..
The rest of the Europe gets much more snowfall than UK and they laugh at Brit drivers..Just 6 inches of snow sends lorries flying and people abandoning their car...Some roads presented scenes form a zombie apocalyse with cars facing in random directions abandoned and people walking sluggishly to wherever they were going.
Nobody carries snow chains here,and most people dont even know whats snow tyres,and few know how to drive in snow...People were reving their engines while stuck in snow to the extent that some even managed to damage their clutch plates.On some steep roads cars were just sliding down hill,smashing into each other..Some didnt have enough fuel in the tank and were not expecting such a long delay,and after some time went dry.I saw a similar situation,ther were three old women in a car,and they had run out of fuel.It was minus 7 degrees and they aere freezing.I asked them where they lived and it turned out that they live on the way to my home and i could drop them at theirs without any detour.
So there i was driving with three old hags sat in my car..wasnt a company i would enjoy..May be if they were 30 years younger i may have stuck my car in the snow on purpose
But they were more of a liability and i drove to the best of my skills to take them to their home and myself to mine...Oh well i helped somebody
I did manage to make a short video on the way home..This is the clearer..less chaotic part of the journey.

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  1. XxRebellionxX's Avatar
    Snow trafficking made worse by three old hags
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  2. Edifier's Avatar
    Never seen such empty roads in the video.
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  3. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Edifier
    Never seen such empty roads in the video.
    You look like this while driving on these roads

    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
    Spoiler: show
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  4. Serious Sam's Avatar
    I like that you helped them. But calling names... not good.
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  5. tigerman's Avatar
    haha very interesting thanks safriz
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  6. tigerman's Avatar
    Thanks Safriz. I came back after an year after thorough search just to read your unique and highly addictive blog. In just a day I've read all the new ones. Please write more on daily basis
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