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My car and the dreaded Rubber pipe...and me (2)

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Continuation of a previous Blog....

So after about 20 minutes of waiting,the friend reached the petrol station where i was Parked,as i managed to push the car away from the pump to make way for other cars.He came well armed with a funny looking pump which had two rubber pipes attached on both sides.He had a big plastic container with him,and we immediately inserted the bright orange rubber pipe in the fuel tank and the the pipe in the Plastic container and started pumping the petrol out of the Car's tank.It was night,It was very cold and windy and we were freezing while stood out in the open,turning the handle of the little pump.Passing motorists were all looking at us,some realized what goof i had done and smirked,others just saw with curiosity,not knowing what the hell we were up to.
It was all going according to plan,petrol draining into the Plastic container.As half of the container filled,all of a sudden the pump stopped working..It was turning alright but no petrol was being sucked from the car's tank.The pump was slow,and by then we had been operating it for about 15 minutes.
This was unexpected and we pulled out the rubber pipe which we had inserted in Fuel tank and surprise surprise it had turned into a paste..It looked like the pipe had dissolved in the petrol while it was immersed there...The friend who brought the pump looked confused and didn't seem to know what had just happened..I asked him if the pipe was the original pipe that came with the pump? and he said no the original pipe was damaged and he had replaced it with a garden hose.Apperantly the pipe was not made for Petrol,it was a water pipe that dissolved in the petrol after being immersed for 15 minutes.
Now i had Petrol and mixed Rubber in my fuel tank...The friend did not have any other pipe which we could attach to the pump,and neither did i.While we were thinking of a solution for this unforeseen problem,the police arrived.
One police woman approached us,said hello and asked what we were doing.I was very annoyed at her arrival and intrusion and wanted to say we are cooking "Parathay" and if she wants to eat them....But i kept my nerves under control and told her what had happened.She said that some motorist had called police station that two strange looking men are draining Petrol from a car,and we thought it was a theft incident and came here to check.She radioed the police station and told them all is ok.Then something came to her mind and she asked about the plastic container we were using to drain the petrol..She asked my friend about how much capacity the Container has and he said its 30 liter container..She said that according to British law you cannot carry more than 10 liters of Fuel in a car unless you are certified for that particular purpose and have "Combustible fuel carrier" insurance...This was news to us,but we believed her because one she was a Police woman and second there is an enormous amount of Ridiculously difficult laws in this country.
So now i had a non functional pump,and a police woman who wont let us drain any more petrol even if we found a replacement pipe..Angry and annoyed,i decided to take the gamble..I had estimated that about 15 liters of Petrol had been drained and i had another 15 in the fuel tank.The car's capacity was 65 liters so i filled the tank with diesel up to the brim..That way i had a mixture of 15 liter Petrol and 50 liter diesel.
Started the car and it started fine..Since then i had driven about 1500 Kilometers,of course i have been putting more diesel every 100 Km or so..To reduce the percentage of petrol in the tank.
The engine sound initially changed when i had relatively high Percentage of petrol in the diesel,but as the petrol got "watered down" with addition of more and more diesel,the engine sound came to normal...What happened of the mixed Rubber pipe? I don't know..May be it got burnt with fuel or may be the rubber particles were filtered by fuel filters,or may be the Rubber is still sitting in the fuel tank.
My findings on the matter are as follows...
A diesel engine can burn petrol diesel mixture.
Unlike popular belief it does not damage the engine considerably..However since the fuel viscosity is lowered by the mix,some seals may give way.
Diesel engines are known to Start and run on petrol diesel mix as high as 75% petrol 15% diesel. But the safe upper limit of any such mix is 30% Petrol and 70% diesel.
One particular engine part which will take some beating under these circumstances is the Diesel Fuel pump which relies on Diesel Viscosity for Lubrication..But if you mix some Lube oil,/ Engine Oil / Mobil oil in the Petrol Diesel mix so that the mixture viscosity becomes same or greater than Diesel then nothing gets damaged at all.
Diesel and petrol mix immediately and unlike popular belief there is no suspended petrol in diesel.
Petrol always burns after Diesel due to Higher Flash point..So when the Mixture is compressed by pistons first the Diesel's Flash point is reached and it ignites and petrol ignites after that..So the popular belief is wrong that Crank bearings take the beating due to petrol burning before Diesel in such a mixture.

So if ever you do what i did,just fill the tank with diesel (Keeping the rations in mind i mentioned above)..Mix some Normal Engine oil in the fuel tank,and "Chall soo Chall"...
And most important "Dont blame me if you cease your engine although the possibilities are very very low"
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  1. assasin42o's Avatar
    Nicely written. Always liked your blogs. Glad you got a solution, if I were you, I would have sit in a public bus and made myself in home *Screw the car in this shitty weather* . You're very patient.

    Are the lady officers fat and old like always? :/
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  2. syedfarazahmed's Avatar
    another good blog i always like your blogs
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  3. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    Nice read. Lovely Blog!
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  4. Optimus's Avatar
    HAHAH, this is one hell of a blog. SALUTE.
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  5. Pleasant's Avatar
    thats surprising u kept ur nerves and came out from the mess
    I might have got more confused and might end up doing more blunder
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  6. lilsouljah's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by assasin42o
    Nicely written. Always liked your blogs. Glad you got a solution, if I were you, I would have sit in a public bus and made myself in home *Screw the car in this shitty weather* . You're very patient.

    Are the lady officers fat and old like always? :/
    lol, these are british officers we're talking about here. i remember we were assigned one on a tournament, and by god was she fit.
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  7. ahsan95's Avatar
    very nice blog.
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  8. WH4Y's Avatar
    Amazing blog... nicely written and the solution you found was of that which even you didn't know. The part I am confused is why didn't the police help you???
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  9. tigerman's Avatar
    you know there's a nut under the tank. u can drain fuel from that too.
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