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Thoughts of the schizophrenic

My car and the dreaded Rubber pipe...and me

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Until recently i had a Ford Mondeo which was running fine until one morning when i started the car and heard a small explosion in the engine and it all went crazy.The engine made some funny noises which resembled nuts and bolts being tossed around in a tin can..and then it died.It wasn't worth it trying to repair the car as i bought it cheap and it had served me well for about an year.I was at a supermarket Parking at the time..Called taxi and at the same time rung up the scrap yard and told them th location of my car and asked them to pick it up for being crushed.
Then began the epic search for a replacement car and this time i wanted a diesel.
After a week of relentless searching i finally found a car i liked.A citroen C5 HDI..The owner was a Lady,and in typical women driver's style,she knew nothing about the mechanics of the car..I had to discover everything myself while test driving the car and it looked fine.Although when i tried to check the engine oil,the dip stick came out dry.There was some black mud sticking to the end of the dip stick,other than that the sump was dry.I asked the lady owner,when was the last time she put oil in the engine,and she replied "Does the car need anything other than Diesel...oil?"..
This answer of her stopped me from asking anything else about the car as it was evident that she wont know..But i did manage to use her ignorance in my benefit and depress her enough to give me a hefty discount on the price.
Came home very happy and the car was working fine.The next day i planned to go on a long drive.The turbo Diesel was responsive on city roads and i wanted to try it on hills.
The fuel gage was in the red and stopped at a filling station for fuel.Unlike Pakistan here you have to fill your car yourself.Picked up the nozzle and started filling the tank.I wanted a full tank,and that's 65 litres.I was looking at the meter,and it kept counting the litres and the amount of money.At about 30 litres mark,i had a glance at the nozzle i was holding and i froze.It was green instead of Black.I realized that i was filling petrol in my Diesel car.
This was the second Diesel car i ever had,all the rest were petrol or LPG,and my brain was programmed to go to filling station and grab the green nozzle and fill the car.It had to be the Black nozzle.Now i had no idea what to do.
Called some friends and none of them had done anything like this before so they didn't know either.After calling pretty much everybody in my phone Book,one friend finally offered some useful help.He had a hand operated oil pump and he said that he can come over and drain the fuel tank..It was cold and it was raining.I just wanted to go home,and the friends offer to come and help me cheered me up..Little did i know that i was about to get myself into a bigger trouble. (well if you have read this much,you will want to read more,but i am a bit tired now,so wait for the next blog )
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  1. AbbY's Avatar
    Seems like an interesting story. Or maybe not, but my fascination with cars, engines and their restorations in particular (done quite a few too) never fail to amuse me, no matter how boring it is >.<

    I've always wondered what would happen in such a scenario, but my cousins in England told me, nah, the dudes aint' stupid enough

    Surely going to read the next part.
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  2. wfsoomro's Avatar
    Once happened to my dad. Dad was in Gharo and he was in a suzuki vitara ( A jeep) and the fuel station guy thought it ran on diesel when actually it runs on petrol. Well it was a disaster all right. Dad had to get the tank empty and then wash it with petrol.
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  3. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    Haha you posted a thread about this too. Sorry about the loss .
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  4. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shary Bhallu TC
    Haha you posted a thread about this too. Sorry about the loss .
    Yes true i posted a thread here and on Pakwheels but got no helpful went on to experiment myself and this blog is about my very own fundings on the matter
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  5. assasin42o's Avatar
    The oil change part was good . Interesting , going to read next part. :/
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  6. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    HAHA, the engine oil part was very funny.
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  7. tigerman's Avatar
    ya, happens to the best of us. Once happened, it never happens again
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