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A Different Agenda By Moin Khan

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[CENTER][SIZE=5][FONT=georgia][COLOR=#ffff00]O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid, one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory
An EPIC motorbike Journey From USA California To PAKISTAN Lahore.
Journey Begins At Golden Gate on
[/COLOR][CENTER][COLOR=#ffff00]10th of July 2011.[/COLOR][IMG][/IMG]
[SIZE=4][FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=#ffff00]Moin was A Bit Afraid of people of America and other Countries that How Would they React To Him. Because Every Muslim Specially Pakistani is Being Called A Terrorist. While Pakistan Is Facing A War On Terror. Its Caused by Media. Everyday Moin Was disappointed By Media. Casting Only terrorism in Pakistan. That's How Everyone have Bad opinion for Pakistan.
"I am not political in any way. I just wanted to tell the world that we Pakistanis are just regular people," said Moin.
Moin Told about This Journey Just Only 2 days before to his mother.
He Packed Everything And Prepared His Bike To Start Ignition. starting was on Golden Gate on 10th of july.
By now He have covered so far
US, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.
He Meets accidents Twice In This Journey
1st Accident Was On 21st SEP.

[QUOTE]It had just stopped raining, i was getting off the Autobahn and thankfully i wasn't too fast. The rear end of the bike slipped and the bike and i slid 65-70 feet before slamming into the guard rail. A bunch of people stopped and asked me not to move and wait for the ambulance. Of course i had to get my camera out and give it to the police officer to take some shots while im still in action haha.. [/QUOTE]
That's Shows His Courage.
2nd which is Current is in ARAD,ROMANIA
this was biggest twist in his Journey
[QUOTE] everybody over there was sure i had multiple fractures in my left leg, it did hurt like a ......!!!

Yet, for ADifferentAgenda i smuggled my camera out and handed it to some stranger to take pictures.[/QUOTE]
But he still Didn't Seems delight. when he was Brought To Hospital He Skyped His Family To Tell Them That he Is Okey.. his Mom told Him To fly back to home . but his father courage him and suggested to continue. EPIC...!!!
then [/COLOR][URL=""][COLOR=#ffff00][U]Daniel Jula[/U][/COLOR][/URL][COLOR=#ffff00] came to see him in Hospital. and gave vodaphone sim card. and said "would like to go see your crashed bike??"

Moin Got Amazed and replied "of course with a smilie :)"

then Daniel started making some calls. and soon he figured out that where that crash bike is. and then he went to see it.
the bike was almost dead. he make call to some mechanic to find a radiator for his Honda F4i. mechanic replied that he'll look for it.
and then amazingly he got a call from a stranger Adi that he have a radiator for his F4i

[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Calibri][COLOR=#ffff00][SIZE=4][FONT=comic sans ms]Like Adi's Donation. bikers from around the world are making Donation for him. he ruled over hearts of Americans and US.
i have pasted poster for his donation in my location in Dera Ismail Khan.

i also have Edited his Videos For collecting Donation and to get People's Interest.[/FONT][/SIZE]
more on my channe;
and also have invited my friends to join his Face Book Page. and to support him. Everyone is trying to help him. i would also like if you also [/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=#ffff00]participate
[FONT=Calibri]in this [/FONT]opportunity[FONT=Calibri]. every single penny would be appreciated.
You Can Donate Via Paypal if u Don't Have any account then i'll send your Donation Directly To him. i have collected respectable amount of Donation in my Location. and will send as soon as he text me.
[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#ffd700][FONT=Calibri]for donation directly to Moin on his Paypal ID use this
for cash donation
PM me or text 0313-991-658-2
Visit Face Book Page
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  1. CoolMyPc's Avatar
    sorry if i have made any mistake.
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  2. Modzone's Avatar
    Wow !!! A very different mission :-)
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  3. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    Nice blog. This is a unique and epic journey...!

    There were a few grammatical mistakes in the blog but it was a refreshing read.
    0 Likes, 0 Thanks
  4. omarko's Avatar
    how do i know that these accidents were not staged? and that you not collecting money for weed?
    0 Likes, 0 Thanks
  5. CoolMyPc's Avatar
    ^^^ go to FaceBook page or watch his vids on YouTube. Channel. links at the end (y) ^^^
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  6. AchtungPakhtoon's Avatar
    @CoolMyPc - finally someone posted this...i was lazy enough not to have made a thread about this...i think this journey deserves definite following and im not being biased, being his cousin and all! i wish i was making this trip myself.
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  7. DauH uD's Avatar
    Wow a nice effort. sadly very few minds are present here in Pakistan who truly appreciate true potential of us ( Pakistanis )
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  8. CoolMyPc's Avatar
    We Need More Youngsters like him. he is getting soo much interviews now days. and also he is working on his bike.
    any one wana donate? even a penny will be appreciated alot.
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  9. Cerberus's Avatar
    Great Effort he is making.....and good going Faisal Zakori
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  10. REHMAN 786's Avatar
    Love his spirit. Good Work Coolmypc
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  11. SaJJAd WaSeeR's Avatar
    Long LIfe .....!!
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  12. CoolMyPc's Avatar
    finally he reached Home....... that was on last saturday, most of u might have visited his welcome party at expo center lahore.
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