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The Situation isn't all that gloomy.

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Corruption, unemployment, poverty, terrorism (Trust me, I can go on and on): These are the words that come to one's mind when he/she hears the name of Pakistan. The situation these days suggests that the country is on the verge of systemic collapse. However, the situation isn't all that gloomy. If you look at some of the most developed nations of the world, you will see that many of them have already gone through all this. Take a look at France, one of the most developed and powerful nations of the world. Before the French Revolution, their people were suffering from the same fate as people of present day Pakistan are suffering. It was decades before the people could stand up and speak for their rights, which eventually led to the development of France. Even then, it took years before which the country could improve the social and economic conditions of its people. At the time of the Industrial Revolution, Britain was one of the most wealthiest countries in the world though its wealth was concentrated in a few hands. Its people were suffering from poverty. The poor British people, even the children, were made to work in coal mines in the most miserable conditions. But we all know that now it is a developed nation.
Let us now take a look at our very own nation. Pakistan was founded in 1947, which means it is a 64 year old country. Pakistan was confronted with many problems, from the start of its formation. It was not given its due share of financial assets, its military lacked modern weaponry or working equipment, its territories were occupied by the Indians and the infant nation could do little to fight for its rights. Most of its people were (and still are, of course) illiterate and poor. It lacked basic government machinery and experienced politicians. Most of its leaders were rich landlords with little political experience. It lacked ordinance factories, jute mills and other industries. India had all this. Many believed that Pakistan could not survive long enough. However, we can see that it is still present on the world map today (even though it is a lot smaller than before). Pakistan managed to survive these hardships. In fact during the 1960s, Pakistan's economic growth rate was 7%, which was three times greater than India. Yes, Pakistan could have achieved economic success far more quickly if we had the right leadership after the death of the first few true leaders. However, if we look at many nations, Pakistan has done better in its first few decades. Consider our neighbours India. Yes, their industry is far more advanced than Pakistan and their economy is doing pretty well, but most of its people are suffering from a fate worse than the Pakistanis.
In short, Pakistan is still a young nation and it will take some time before it sees prosperity. Of course, this could and can be achieved faster should we find the right leadership. However, Pakistan is a nation that was created to survive and yes it will continue to survive and prosper.
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  1. unbeatables's Avatar
    thats true bro, really appreciate your article !!
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  2. talalthegreat's Avatar
    thanks mate .
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  3. Ottoman's Avatar
    Good blog. Optimistic articles on Pakistan have been a rarity in recent times.
    Leadership has been the biggest hindrance in our progress. Sincere people are handicapped to an extent by the environment created by the said administrators of this country.
    But of course there's nothing that can't be put right eh? "Hope" is the sole reason we (my family) have remained here despite having the means to live a better life elsewhere.
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  4. EmSpecial's Avatar
    nice blog ... reawakening thoughts ..
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  5. Gamer45's Avatar
    Nice blog. I really enjoyed reading it and 100% agree
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  6. cinderella man's Avatar
    amazing blog!

    inshallah a good government willl come soon, and this whole amreeka invasions scene will end too
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  7. khizarr1's Avatar
    spot on! but the thing is, people here are themselves corrupt. Tax evation, electricity theft, hypocrisy, breaking all rules and regulation are one of the few traits people here possess! You know what, there are several several individuals belonging to the Business Community who donot pay taxes, and there are some preaching religion but on the other hand do not pay taxes!
    We have to change ourselves before pointing fingers at our corrupt leaders!
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    Updated 06-11-11 at 01:26 PM by khizarr1
  8. talalthegreat's Avatar
    Thanks for appreciating my post guys. And Khizarr, to reform our own selves we need patience (like I have said in my post). As more and more people will become literate, corruption will start fading away. Fully agree with your thoughts
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  9. DauH uD's Avatar
    we are going behind and behind if comparing to other nations, we have all resources except true leadership just like you mentioned yaara, how come they realize or know the true situation of the miserable Pakistani peoples are suffering from if they continue to travel in super luxury cars and don't even visit or bother to visit the below the poverty line area. well i am happy to read this blog that we have some very mature minds here who still think and hope that we can go further up.
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  10. Syavash's Avatar
    You know, personally I have always been against all of this overly optimistic crap, but I agree with you Lets hope things do turn around for us.
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  11. alikhan's Avatar
    Most of the stuff that you wrote, with due respect, is what we are fed in schools and colleges. Check any book by govt. text book boards. You will understand. With all due respect, no nation was ever created to survive. Even Bangladesh has the guts to challenge our inclusion in WTO. Afghan president, who is actually a president of only a few towns in Afghanistan, puts Pakistan to shame every other day. And the list goes on. Moammar Qaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, etc thought the same. Did they survive? They ruled their countries for decades and still did not survive. Leave everything aside, was Bangladesh part of India? NO. It was "us". And we lost it. And did i mention that they challenged our membership in WTO? We went to great lengths to give MFN status to India. The right thing to do is to pray for the country, and do our best for its safety. And yes, vote. Everyone should vote - even if the vote is going to a lamp post.
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  12. talalthegreat's Avatar
    ^Dunno what books you are talking about, cuz this is all my own opinion. However, I do respect your opinion.
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  13. talalthegreat's Avatar
    Mind you, I fail to understand what you are trying to say. What does WTO or Bangladesh have to do with anything? Be a bit more precise.
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  14. saad51233's Avatar
    you are good at wirting articles man
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  15. jawadarshad's Avatar
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  16. HOTSHOT's Avatar
    In short, Pakistan is still a young nation and it will take some time before it sees prosperity. Of course, this could and can be achieved faster should we find the right leadership. However, Pakistan is a nation that was created to survive and yes it will continue to survive and prosper.
    Fools Hope
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  17. talalthegreat's Avatar
    ^In what way? Oh wait, you are thinking of one
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  18. tigerman's Avatar
    Son, revolutions are never natural. For last half decade, nation has been left in dark and a lot more. How come none of us was moved? Revolutions are always orchestrated. Some morons amongst you called Chief Justice's reinstatement a successful revolution. Not realizing that he also wanted to be part of the clan. But...... try to recall the period from 2001 -2008. What a fine era! Who changed that? WE. So its "WE" who must suffer. Angel is gone, and won't come back.
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