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I Have Dengue Fever

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Sup guys?

I have a bit of bad news for ya guys.I'm not much for writing long blogs so I'll just keep it short here.

Some of you may have noticed that for the past week or so my activity on the forum has decreased and I haven't been gaming at all either, the reason is that I'd been suffering from a crippling fever for a few days last week, from about Sunday to Tuesday, I had severe pain in my Thighs and Lower back and a splitting headaches, At first I suspected that it may be dengue but the symptoms went away quickly and I stupidly decided to skip taking the CBC test.Anyways after a couple of day I developed a stinging bright red Rash all over my body along with vomiting, this time I decided to get myself tested once and for all and as it turns out I had Dengue fever and mu platelets were as Low as 24000 which is very Low.So I've been on drips and a high protein diet since then and I've managed to get my plates up to 43k in 24 hours but I'm not outta the woods yet but I'm glad I didn't have to be admitted into one of those nasty hospital wards.

So Please pray for my recovery and give me you attentions.

Thank You.
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  1. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    Get well soon bro. May god bless you with health ameen.
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  2. Radical's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CerebralTiger
    Damn! Get well soon man.

    May Allah Ta'ala bless you with a quick recovery.

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  3. mirzaismail's Avatar
    get well soon
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  4. Khawaja's Avatar
    Get Well Soon!
    I visited Lahore for a wedding and now I am having headaches, irritability but not fever as of yet =|.

    A desi Tip ( Confirmed working):
    Takes Papaya(Papita) tree's leaves and crush them add some water and drink it. You will be better in no time. My aunt had the same number of platelts as yours and she is all better
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  5. secretfellow's Avatar
    get well soon . have plenty of rest and fluids. ull be back up in fronta your pc in no time
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  6. Xain1's Avatar
    Donate your gaming PC and stuffs. . :P
    May Allah give u health
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  7. GrunT's Avatar
    get well soon bro!
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  8. Cerberus's Avatar
    get well soon Brother
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  9. bulletproofAli's Avatar
    Get well soon
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  10. annosaad's Avatar
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  11. Danyal007's Avatar
    get well soon broda
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  12. cinderella man's Avatar
    hope you get well soon man, you still have a ps vita to play

    drink papeetay ka rass, it will cure u real quick inshallah
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  13. manigamer's Avatar
    inshallah all will be fine !
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  14. Pcsx2006's Avatar
    I feel really sad for u inshALLAH u'll Get well soon bro.
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