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A Gift - NECA Marcus Fenix 12 Inch Action Figure

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Yesterday I got a surprise gift (NECA Marcus Fenix 12 Inch Action Figure) + a buffet dinner from my very close friend who is also a silent member of PakGamers, to be honest I wasn't expecting that she will going to give me Marcus Fenix action figure as she's not into gaming that much but apparently she did it BTW this treat was due as she recently got a very nice job

So here are the pictures of this lovely action figure..the details are impressive and the figure itself is heavy and pretty solid (can't be break easily).

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  1. assasin42o's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    @assassin42o Why is it a fail :P I know it's a bit disproportionate but You can find better.
    You should see someone's feelings behind it rather than weighing it by a price tag. And the OP is excited & happy about it, so let him be.
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  2. nafu's Avatar
    nice gift iNF3RN0
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  3. DeNitro's Avatar
    uhhhh cute ?

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  4. HOTSHOT's Avatar
  5. R3Z0N's Avatar
    That's like one of the best action figures I've ever seen.
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  6. Arkonov's Avatar
    This reminds me of the good old times when i used to play with my doll......uhm.......action figures.......good times......good times .
    p.s. Congratulations, Inf.
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  7. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    @Inferno They say gifts are priceless...BUT...NO they aren't
    There ya go with a price :P
    I can get one o those too from my bro and a dremel and some super glue then I'll embed this baby into my xbox.
    a couple o others as well...
    And your stupid point is? First of all you don't even know how to search for something on the web (wrong item search) lol, secondly if you judge people gifts by their worth then sorry to say that you are a low life person (no offense) and yes you can get like this one from your "bro" but do we care? hell no (at least me).

    Why I am replying you in a rude way? because I found your reply kind of ill mannered, learn to respect people feelings.
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  8. manigamer's Avatar
    w0w awesome bro ! btw u do know that u got 3 GOOD SURPRISES THAT DAY first was the neca marcus figure, second was the buffet dinner and third was that the one giving u the first 2 surprises was A SHE haha

    btw i have the first edition geow 1 neca marcus 12 inch figure he talks aswell but doesnt light up tho...

    edit: saw the pictures upclose and this marcus looks bad ass compared to the first edition marcus fenix ! IM SURELLY GONNA GET THE THIRD EDITION ONE inshallah once it hits the shelves !
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    Updated 15-07-11 at 01:15 AM by manigamer
  9. CerebralTiger's Avatar
    Looks awesome
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  10. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    Congrats. The figure is quite awesome.
    Wow, given by your female friend.AHEM..ahem...:P

    Congrats once again!
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  11. Conscript's Avatar
    My female friends suck :/ Shaadi kab hai Billy bhai? Muwhahahhhahahaaaa
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  12. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Conscript
    My female friends suck :/ Shaadi kab hai Billy bhai? Muwhahahhhahahaaaa
    not soon
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  13. Conscript's Avatar
    Btw if you want to give that Action figure away, I'll give it a nice and safe home.

    Btw lemme know when you get married. I'll make a Wedding Thread for you.
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  14. Pleasant's Avatar
    i need this one as well what a great detail awesome figure
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  15. Pleasant's Avatar
    is it available at amazon ?
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  16. Anon's Avatar
    I thought this was a collector's edition, And I thought other people think this way too but then after some searching I found they are actually available for sale. So I posted the link to help other people locate and possibly buy this item, I never said your gift is worth this or that, It was just meant to be a joke even If I hinted at it.
    What I tried to was merely point out that these items are available for sale and are not like 'collector's edition'.
    your Post looked like more of a temper tantrum. I never said that the gift is worthless or blah blah! It's great infact and that's why I said I want It. See even now ^^Pleasent is looking for it.
    Also you going over how you dont care about my brother and how I cant search was totally unnecessary!
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  17. Fir3d3mon's Avatar
    ufff awesme yar!! im also saving bucks for Dom nd Ezio figures
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