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Neet mini HDMI auto switch - connect Xbox, PS3 and Laptop together

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It was getting really annoying for me to change the hdmi cable every time from one device to another in order to select the output between xbox 360, PS3 and my Laptop on the LCD screen. There are many cheap converters available as well, but I can tell you none of them works perfectly, some just give the blurry picture, some add ghosting or just don't do 1080p.

After doing some research, I came across this small, simple yet wonderful device, I-e a HDMI switch/hub with auto switching feature I-e it will select the device automatically which is powered on, or you can also select each device manually by pressing the select button the switch.

Anyway now I don't have to change the hdmi cable, nor I have to care about the output select..just turn on the device which you want to use, I-e xbox, ps3 or a laptop and bang!!!! You will get the perfect 1080p on your TV/Plasma/LCD.

Bad point of this device is that you won't find it in Pakistan and is a bit expensive (17) which is nearly equal to Rs 2,255.
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  1. Sani's Avatar
    What? If HDTV got more than HDMI ports then? Do we need it then? Because i just got my HDTV reserved and it has four HDMI ports.
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  2. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    of course you will not need it than, it's good for people who don't have 2+ ports in their HDTVs.
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  3. Sani's Avatar
    I insist my dad to get X4 HDMI ports T.V even shopkeeper was saying to get two port T.V and that wasn't even full HD. Maybe that shopkeeper had some problem with shop owner because the price of two port T.V was obviously low too. :P
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  4. Magma's Avatar
    Wow I really really need this! Is it possible for PG Store to supply these?
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  5. Jshak's Avatar
    Yes PG Store can accomodate this device on demand.
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  6. R3Z0N's Avatar
    Dude its cheap lol.
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  7. hammad800's Avatar
    You'll also need 4 hdmi cables then, right ?
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  8. Journeys End's Avatar
    ofcourse u for each device u want to use

    btw the device is vry cheap considering the features and quality it has
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  9. Shyber's Avatar
    It's VERY VERY rate in Pakistan. I managed to find it, was 3500Rs here. Used it before I switched over to a multi HDMI input TV.
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  10. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    @hammad800: yes you will require the hdmi cables as well, I was a ble to find Belkin pure AV hdmi cables deal (which is very expensive BTW) on ebay for 12 (4 refurbished cables which are just like new)
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