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Pakistan Facing issues of Fake degree's

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General/President Musharraf introduced a law in 2002 which reshaped the qualifications for being eligible in the Parliament system of Pakistan for its betterment. The law cited a bachelors degree as a requisite for being a citizen to be a member of the Parliament. Critics claimed that this law was legalized by President Musharraf so that many of the opposition leaders( who were of feudal background) could not run for office. This was also the same time that PPP and PML-N were both banned from running for office.

8 years later the line, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has cracked down on an alleged 140 members of the Parliament for holding a "fake" degree. With the enormous numbers of resignations by various Parliamentary members, one can't help but question the notion of whether the law is right in the first place.

The notion that only someone with a bachelor's degree or more is fit for being a representative of the government is extremely questionable in the first place, as history will show.

Even though the notion of having a bachelors degree to run for Parliament can be put under question, it still doesn't answer the notion of obtaining a fake degree in order to run for Parliament.

Is possessing a fake degree the answer to the law's flawed logic. Even if we remove its political relevance to the system, the concept of buying a degree is illegal in every sense of the word. Whether one is trying to get a medical license to start his/her own practice or wants to work at a business enterprise, the possessing of a degree which you did not work for is punishable by law and can essentially be described as "cheating" your way through the system.

So when Parliamentarians and their avid supporters lash out at the ridiculous nature of the law, they have every right to do so. However, it is the parliamentarians themselves who are to blame for their misfortunes. They chose to run for office when that law was put into place. Rather than fighting for the removal of that law from the legal frame work, they instead combated flawed logic with false degrees.

The excuse of obtaining a fake degree due to the strict nature of Musharraf's law is not understandable. In 2002, Musharraf did indeed have a strong threshold in the government. However, by 2008 Musharraf's reign was well within its path of ending. The Supreme Court Chief Justice was removed by a Military Dictator, yet through the power of the people and the opposition, he today stands as the Chief Justice of Pakistan while the Military Dictator delivers lectures to a half empty auditorium in Dallas, Texas. This Military Dictator was finally forced into resignation after repeated outcries by the people of Pakistan to put an end to dictatorship. Thus, the idea(excuse) that the implementation of the "degree" law could not possibly have been challenged is FALSE and does not serve testament to the strength of the people of Pakistan.

In February 2008, when the Parliamentary elections were being held, Pakistan should have seen the respected Parliamentarians and their supporters initiate movements proclaiming an end to the fake "degree" law that was imposed in 2002. Instead, these politicians decided to buy a fake degree and run for election, which honestly leads me to ponder whether these politicians should represent their people or not.

The First President of the United States, George Washington, did not have an educational background. Yet in his farewell address of 1796, Washington had the wisdom to say that " The United States must concentrate only on American interests, and while the country ought to be friendly and open its commerce to all nations, it should avoid becoming involved in foreign wars." ( Current U.S. government could use this right now)

Abraham Lincoln, who was the 13th President of the United States, legalized the 13th and 14th Amendment in the United States, which abolished slavery and guaranteed African Americans the right to due process and equal protection under the law. Abraham Lincoln was not educated with a "bachelors" degree either.

News tells us that the degree of PML-Q member of the National Assembly Nauman L. has been found to be fake (According to a source cited by the Daily Times).

Who can we trust now.
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  1. eViLrAcEr's Avatar
    you are taking events from a time when not even 50% of the people in US went to university...and college education was not common in the world either. You need to talk about the current times. The point is, with such a high illiteracy rate of Pakistan it is needed that the people who are being put in the office show their qualifications.

    How many of the parliamentarians in Pakistan have leadership and decision-making qualities? They can't even focus let alone solve any of the common problems of the people, heck those problems are increasing day by day, which begs the question that what are they qualified to do.

    That is why it is required to test their qualifications and therefore a degree is required. But not just a degree but experience, like how parliamentarians in the west have elaborate Resumes with a vast experience.

    It is sad that having a degree still isn't common even in the govt.

    But let's focus on something else: Political discussions aren't allowed admin sahab
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    Updated 11-08-10 at 04:07 AM by eViLrAcEr
  2. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    To be honest,i am not in favor of degree being necessary for public representatives.But then again,Pakistan has been in the grips of illiterate feudal gangsters for such a long time that such measures had to be taken.
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  3. TheLivingFlesh's Avatar
    why put the blame on musharraf! he was a much better ruler, what has the so called democracy done for us now! Hald empty auditorium is much better than 100s dead every day !
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  4. scar's Avatar
    Musharraf was better than zardari, nawaz was better than musharraf, zial-ul-haq was better than nawaz sharif, ayub khan was better than za bhutto......... I like to say forest was better than everything right now Come on guys none of them is better than each other all are same ..
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