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One of those days... Part 2

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Hello everyone! Well, Iím glad you guys enjoyed my post and laughed at my misery. Today, Iíll continue. I canít finish the whole story in this post, but Iíll make sure part 3 is the last. Another mini-tragedy is coming up in part 3, an unexpected one. Anyways, here we goÖ PART 2!

So there I was, with a dead car, alone on the motorway in heavy rain. My first thought was that this isnít going to be big a problem, and that with the help of a couple of people, Iíll be able to start the car. I check the radiator again. The water level had gone down, but there was still plenty in it. I tried to start it a couple of times again. No use.

I called my brother and explained the whole situation, and then I told him that Iíll try to stop someone and ask for help. I tried stopping a couple of people, but I guess they werenít interested in helping a guy. Of course had I been a chick, it wouldíve been the scene of that song Abrar-ul-Haq once sang when he used to be a good singerÖ GT Road te baraikaan lagiyaan. But I am not a chick, and this wasnít a Pakistani movie.

But then, out of the blue, an uncle stopped his car. He was a bit over-weight (actually, he was more than twice my size, and thatís saying something). I asked myself, what good will he do? He looked at the engine, checked a thing or two, then asked me to push the car so that he could try and start it. I cursed myself and started to push. Well Iím no weakling, but pushing a Corolla alone on a slippery road is no easy feat. I did get it going though. I felt a jerk; the guy was trying to start the car. I slipped a couple of times, cursed myself again. Anyways, it didnít work. The car refused to start.

The uncle got out of the car, and after a few words of comfort, left. It was pouring down hard so I decided it was best if I got in the car and waited for the motorway police to show up. Their mobile workshop would be able to bring the car back to life. When I got back to my car, the doors were locked; a moment of panic. There was a flash of lightning overhead, followed by a roaring thunder, and a sudden increase in the intensity of rain. I instinctively checked my pockets for the keys, praying Ďlet them be thereí. They werenít.

I had been locked out of my car.
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  1. Ottoman's Avatar
    What I said in Part 1
    But hey! Look at it positively for a moment. At least you weren`t locked out of your car
    Buahahahahahah! And just yesterday I was telling you to look at the whole situation in a positive light. GOD!
    You just had one of those days when nothing goes right, Asim! I`m lmao in the literal sense
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    Updated 01-08-10 at 12:49 AM by Ottoman
  2. Deadly Shadow's Avatar
    lol! A bad day...happens..since life is a bitch! Atleast you are alive. :P
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  3. NarutimateTaha's Avatar
    Dude, ya got locked out of your car?
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  4. hasanJ's Avatar
    uncle was win xD
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  5. MrSibghat's Avatar
    Dude u got pwned by a car this is hilarious!
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  6. MrSibghat's Avatar
    Even ur car is a bitch!
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  7. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    lol...thats an epic story..well written.
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  8. Sire Ahsan's Avatar


    You didn tell me u got locked out of the car


    Kis ki bad dua lagi ? :P
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  9. Syavash's Avatar
    That is epic locked out of ur car
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  10. ASKnASK's Avatar
    And that too on motorway, in rain 0_0
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  11. Lars's Avatar
    WTF !!!! Damn your luck on that day
    Waiting for the 3rd part now

    and yeah :
    Life is a bitch - a cruel one
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  12. XxRebellionxX's Avatar
    WTF I Loled So Hard Man................Totally Pwned Lmao
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