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iNF3RN0's Diary

Why PakGamers was down?

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When the PakGamers was down I saw many people on facebook and on few other forums & facebook talking about PG downtime like few thought that we got hacked, I didn't not paid the bills, data has been lost like of 2007 event etc but none of such thing has happend. The real story is like this:

1 - The old server got bottleneck because of increasing resources demand of PG including bandwidth, more CPU load, memory and worst of all network utilization. The whole situation rise so sudden and at the wrong time because at the time when this whole situation arise I was already going pretty busy, was shifting my home, had few other task, assingments (which are still going on), had internet access fault at new location where I was moving and currently living (it's fixed now) etc so that's why PG took a while in coming back online, and I forget only domain transfer from to godaddy took 5 days (which is kind of standard procedure)

2 - You have seen lots of small downtimes this evening because I was optimizing the server, installation of a cache system was a bit pain in ass but I am lovin the result as it just saved PG 112,754 DB quries in the next 7hrs which is pretty amazing and I am seeing a noticeable decrease in the average load.

3 - I am sure many of you might notice the fast loading of PG as well, I can bet it's now loading 45% faster then it used to be on the old server because I just kicked out SuPHP and reinstalled the PHP as a DSO along with the cache system + done few tweaks to Apache as well.

4 - I still got room for few more applications to run so i am thinking about giving a CS server a test run as I still have two dedicated IPs left or how about gaming music radio? well I will see about that.

Please keep yourself prepare for the new policies & changes which includes the introduction of few paid services to generate some $$ to cover the running cost because expenses are growing and getting kind of out of my hand oh yeah don't suggest google adsense as a solution! we need a lot more then that.

Lastly don't forget the contribution of Shayan bhai, Shyber, Major, Nomad, Amaga, Badmofo who donated the money for the PG new server otherwise PG might took more time because I was a bit short on cash this month

If you have any comments, suggestions or want to see some new features/stuff please feel free to post them here
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  1. abdulrahim's Avatar
    A CS server???? That would be awesome..... It will infact a 1337 awesomeness!!!! And music radio idea is also awesome but preferable is cs server plz give us server plz!!!
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  2. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    Woah Bilal bhai, if you are planning on starting a CS server, I am there for the administration in it!

    Nobody else can spot a person cheating better than me even if it surpasses sXe protection... :P

    I am all for starting a CS server! I'll be too free after the exams.
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  3. LiV3 WiR3's Avatar
    I'm glad it's Back!!! & Yes!!! It's Faster than Evahhh!!!!
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  4. Mateen's Avatar
    congratz on getting the site back online.. Long Live PG!
    I am so happy now...!
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  5. AcHa BaChA's Avatar
    Will we have to pay in order to surf PG aswell, not cool!
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  6. MrJayPlays's Avatar
    Good to hear that all
    Well for about Gaming radio we can start from Karachi and lahore stations like when we want to AIR the show the karachi or lahore we can simply connect that ip and stream the live gaming radio
    i think its possible..if u are serious about implementing it then im with it..from lahore im here to host the radio show with some other guys
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  7. AlienX's Avatar
    BTW inferno, That's "whole situation", Not "hole situation" . Second Paragraph, second sentence.
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  8. Locust's Avatar
    cod4 server.. =D
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  9. devnull's Avatar
    Server porn please! And specs!
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  10. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Easier said than done..but how about starting classified ad pages on PG...same as Craiglist? Another idea is to start paid for personal space on PG...same as many other websites..they give certain extra features to paying members,and the freeloaders get the standard features.
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  11. eViLrAcEr's Avatar
    premium services....if any of the standard services become premium, bad.

    exploit the marketplace, get revenue off every sale from there somehow.
    people who cross

    20 trades

    should pay amounts to PG or get banned or something, but the amounts shouldn't be enormous ofcourse, warna marketplace hi band hojayegi
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  12. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    i thought pg was hacked@!!!!
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  13. Ali250's Avatar
    Another idea is to start paid for personal space on PG...same as many other websites..they give certain extra features to paying members,and the freeloaders get the standard features.
    That puts me off really badly and the entire forum looses its "homy" feeling once that happens. Premium members start acting like gods and regular members lick their @$$es so that they give them +rep or good comments.

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  14. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    ^ Start donating then because server and licenses don't comes for free and without sponsors or donation we will not be able to survive for a longer period, expenses are growing along with the PG popularity. Obviously inorder to keep this platform alive I will follow what Saf Riz said.
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  15. Ali250's Avatar
    Hmm....if you invest in your own server then won't the monthly cost come down? Sounds like a pain in the @$$ to do though besides the huge initial cost.
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  16. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    you can't run server from home, bandwidth is expensive in UK unlike USA!
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  17. Ali250's Avatar
    Oh...yeah my idea spawned from another pretty large forum (larger then PG probably..) that was hosted by the admin himself inside his own house in the States running FreeBSD.
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  18. shahzadfootball's Avatar
    How can we donate ?
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