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Unboxing my first guitar (YAMAHA F310)

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I was looking for buying a guitar since ages but due to lack of information (I am a complete guitar noob) and also due to lack of time I canceled my plan of buying a guitar. But recently when I was getting freakin bore and feeling quite lonely (due to home sickness here in UK) my father suggested me on skype to get a guitar in order to fight my boredom and home sickness that's how I got my first ever guitar on my father advice lets see if I can learn it or not :S oh well I will going on have lots of free time during my final year project in June

Anyway, I am really thankful to Ali aka Bad Mofo for providing me very good guide and explainations to my annoying questions etc here: also I would like to thanks refnulf and others who guided me in the above thread.

So the guitar which I bought (from Amazon, UK) is UK's most selling beginner acoustic guitar i-e YAMAHA F310. I bought a Pro pack which comes with the following stuff for a small additional cost:

- Guitar Bag
- Guitar Stand
- A set of 3 plectrums
- Spare Strings
- Guitar Strap
- YAMAHA Auto Tuner
- Instant guitar lessons DVD

Guitar is pre-tuned but I will check it via the tuner later on, so far I really like the built and sound of the guitar plus the strings are quite smooth as well. BTW I also got a 20 free amazon voucher as well :S


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  1. AFQ's Avatar
    Congrats Bilal Bhai. wink2

    Dad suggested to get a guitar, awesome.

    Hope you learn it soon.

    BTW which Samsung LCD you are using with X360?
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  2. Crow's Avatar
    Holy crap, I LOVE your wallpaper. D:

    Oh and neat guitar! : D Hope you have lots of fun learning!
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  3. hammad800's Avatar
    Sweeeet ! Nice choice you made
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  4. abwaqar's Avatar
    a pretty good guitar for a beginner
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  5. SpEeDyZ's Avatar
    rock on uncle! :P
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  6. R3Z0N's Avatar
    I love your room moar pics plox! And how much did ya get it for?
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  7. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpEeDyZ
    rock on uncle! :P
    I prefer if you call me your daddy

    @Rezon: bought it for 132
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  8. Locust's Avatar
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  9. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    congrats... wil keep you away from the sheesha for some time
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  10. Jigger's Avatar
    nice.. rewalli sweet lookin stuff!!
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  11. LiV3 WiR3's Avatar
    Lookin AhA SUMMM!!!!

    btw ur Wall & Wooden Floor is AhASuMMer!!!
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    Updated 21-04-10 at 02:27 AM by LiV3 WiR3
  12. AsadAbrar's Avatar
    cool guitar congrats uncle(i aint callin u daddy)!!!!!!!
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  13. Yasir's Avatar
    Your LCD/ room is much more impressive
    Though really cool looking guitar.
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  14. R1CK's Avatar

    I really need something like this. >.<

    Mega congrats on the purchase, mate. Keep it good shape. The cleaner an acoustic instrument, the better it performs. Like that one Caltex Techron T.V ad said.
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