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Khalil Mamoon Shisha Unboxing

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Ok..before I start I want to say Jshak that "mate you are allowed to get jealous, it's your right :P"

So, my original Khalil Mamoon shisha has arrived, So if you don't know what is is then here's some introduction for you: "Khalil Mamoon hookahs are known for their thick gauge heavy-weight stems which are practically indestructible. Khalil Mamoon Brand is for the hookah smoker who appreciated the hand-made nature of traditional hookahs." they are expensive but worth each penny if you are shisha fan and you will love the hand-crafted leather pipe/hose as well

The one which I bought it not the most expensive one (50), but it's quite good as well. The size of the shisha is big (30" tall), comes with awesome handcrafted pipe, free set of instant lighting coals, the vase/bottle is very strongly build with rubbers and stem (brass made) gives the feel of prefection iself..anyway here are the pics..

Jshak...lagana hai kash?
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  1. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    wow..looks like a bullet proof hooka
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  2. LiV3 WiR3's Avatar
    ^It looks more like a Flame Thrower!!!...
    Anyways Congratzz MAN u enjoy ur "KASHEs" on this "Rang Barang" thingy.
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  3. MrJayPlays's Avatar
    Man this looks awesom
    bohat allaa
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  4. eViLrAcEr's Avatar
    looks nice

    @practically indestructible: how do we know :P
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  5. Shary Bhallu TC's Avatar
    Hmm, Bilal bhia, TF2 kay Pyro ka role karna hia?
    Lol, its made of metal and the box is labelled with the words "fragile" :P

    P.S. Looking good. But OMG, 50 Euros!
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  6. LiV3 WiR3's Avatar
    U got it from Pakistan or somewhere else???
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  7. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    @evil: try to break a solid brass that's why they said practically indestructible! obviously they didn't said that start to hammer it
    @Shary: the word "fragile" is written on the box because it contains the Glass Vase/Bottle + pipe which should not be kept under any heavy weight during the shipping and it's not Euros, it's pounds! don't you know the difference b/w the euro and pound sign? noob
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  8. iNF3RN0's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FERRARi
    U got it from Pakistan or somewhere else???
    I don't live in Pakistan so obviously not! secondly anything like that is not available in Pakistan even the high-end cafe's have the local cheap made shishas. Anyway I bought it from a lebanese shisha seller on ebay.
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  9. Jshak's Avatar
    Meri Jaan. The one I bought is as same as your purchase. We stand equal :P


    Beta Sheesha to lay lia hai, Magar flavour bananany mei abhi bhee hum ustaad hai :P

    You win on one stand, The pipe. It's really looks cute.

    Use Tropical and Mint on this. I am sure it will be splendid in taste, when you add pineapple juice in it

    Jalaaaaooo meri :P hahaha
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    Updated 29-03-10 at 12:41 PM by Jshak
  10. Master Mind's Avatar
    oooH its damm seXy..esp the pipe, optimizing it for maX smoke..CONGRATS bilal bhai. this is really some thing can u please forward me the link of the Lebanese sheesha seller.
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  11. MrShabi2010's Avatar
    Wow awesome yar
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  12. dexter786's Avatar
    the bottom is looking awesome :o

    but pipe ka color ni acha(blue wala)
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  13. fahdfsk's Avatar
    pineapple juice OMG kia kia dalta hai yarrrr .... i have a local sheesha but flavour nhe banta theek se
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