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=The main banner needs to change.

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Maybe you guys should try putting up Western characters on the main banner, All those jap characters when most of PG isn't into Japanese games.We NEED Master chief and Ezio up there:P
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  1. Khawaja's Avatar
    the banner is looking good..
    The characters are fine although the characters could be changed
    but the style of em really needs to be changed
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  2. R3Z0N's Avatar
    gizmo needs a spanking -_-
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  3. GoldenHawk's Avatar
    Yeah lightning shud stay, ken and snake need to characters are teh needed
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  4. DEXT3R's Avatar
    Ken is really not looking well...others are ok.
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  5. Hacks's Avatar
    u need bayonetta wid ezio and rubi malone wid shepard
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  6. Umair Naeem's Avatar
    put Niko's pic there i love gta xd
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  7. 's Avatar
    nah i think the banner looks fine.Snake is looking the colest.........
  8. hash94's Avatar
    we need Nomad and Niko Belic picture there!
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  9. wmughal's Avatar
    i dont think sooo its rocking man
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  10. Gizmo's Avatar
    the majority will agree that the street fighter dude and snake need to go,Snake can should stay, but with a different pic/pose.And Get MC in there!
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  11. Khawaja's Avatar
    Well i think Ken is looking great
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  12. abobobilly's Avatar
    Kick @$$ banner it already is.
    Why bother changing it :S
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