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Bad Mofo

BMR: Messing around over "Wake Up"

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So, I finally got my copy of Amplitube3 and the StealthPedal yesterday. Spent a little time messing around; even cracked open my bass (which I just got back from a friend).

And I recorded this little track; it's just the bass-line and chords from Mad Season's "Wake Up":

Apart from my lack of virtuosity (I've totally neglected my guitar, but that's about to change), I think it sounds pretty decent. The chorus on the chords really does pop out, and I love the low-end on the bass. The crunch tone is supposed to be an Orange amp; never heard one myself but it sure sounds pretty valve-y.

Do let me know what you think of the sound; I'll try to keep posting something interesting from time to time as well.
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  1. YanZZah's Avatar
    oh! yes feels like the touch of the late 60's to early 70's classical US music. i did enjoyed it listening but hey when it felt good the track finished was a very nice effort indeed. good on ya mate. keep it up
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  2. Bad Mofo's Avatar
    ^ LOL! There was this weird limit on the WAV to MP3 converter I was using that only encodes 60% of a song, so the end got cut.

    Thanks for the comment, I'll do something with a bit more depth soon; possibly a Radiohead cover! Stay tuned.............
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  3. YanZZah's Avatar
    were u using unregistered version of the software, caz usually this appears when someone don't have the registered program. Radohead .. wow Tom Yorke .. what a talent he has !!! amazing ... OK COMPUTER, AMNESIAC .. too good. wondering now what track u wanna experiment on ... i hope its not karma police.... anyhow we'll c that
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