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  1. Video game scores have started to bug me

    Hey fellow gamers, I just wanted to say that this whole review score thing is getting on my nerves. I remember a time when I used to go to a gameshop and look at the cover of a game and buy it or the time when I used to buy game just because a freind thought it is awesome or the time when a trailer/concept was enough to warrant a purchase. That I beleived added variety to the stuff I used to play. Now when I have to buy a game I see Scores. Quite Frankly I havent played/purchased the titles ...
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  2. Five Worst Things of the decade in modern culture infecting the majority.


    This is actually a repost of a thread I posted on Chit Chat Cafe here. Well its mostly a rant and i am not sure what really got me so worked up to say all that. Any ways here it is again. I edited it a bit too from the orignal one.


    I like how some of the modern stuff has changed everything in the past decade from Wikipedia redefining the way we hunt information on net to youtube becoming the ultimate source for everything ...
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