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  1. So, what happened here?

    Looks like a war-ravaged country in paranoid resignation of its depressing fate, counting the seconds and saying goodbyes in anticipation of the nuke to remove every lingering trail of the butchered, run-over memories.

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  2. Hypocrisy

    I've been throwing this word around a lot lately and I just want to talk about it. I'm sure this won't lead anywhere, I really just want to write my thoughts down.

    When I was younger, I saw the world through my own expectations. There was a lot of it I didn't know and I tended to fill in the gaps by assuming things. Sometimes I inferred these from what I heard from adults and sometimes I dared enough to ask other adults questions and filled in little blanks every time I learned something ...

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  3. Blogs Are Dead

    Here's an attempt at revival.

    As soon as I have some money of my own, I want to travel, like all over Pakistan. Not on foot maybe, but a car or something.

    Imagine the freedommmmm.

    But first I need to get off my butt and get an ID card and a driver's license.
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  4. Mannequin

    She staggered and fell onto the floor.

    She felt light-headed. She was not used to being this way, seeing the world with such unusual vividness.

    A minute earlier, she had been standing straight as ever. She had a faint notion that she was where she had intended to be, and was created to be, but suddenly she felt the presence of an intrusion beyond herself and a presence detached from her mind. She could feel herself standing there, she could feel her own presence as if ...
  5. A Very Srs Issue

    Is it Sprite Mirinda Teem or Sprite Mirinda Team? D: I can't figure it out.
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