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  1. { Footprint | part 3} Typically German

    First of all Thank you guys for the response, and everyone who PMed me for the support.

    Now, I am gonna share an exclusive look into what a German thinks about their culture and people .

    My question: So what is typically German?

    their answer :

    Cultural characteristics

    1. Facts are important

    2.Respect of rules and structures


    4.Monochronic notion of time

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    Education , Personal Diary
  2. { Footprint | part 1}And so it starts!!

    Wondering what am I talking about?
    I am talking about my plan to move away from Pakistan, due to the security issues and targeted killings, and continue towards my goal for further studies somewhere else.

    I choose Germany for a couple of reasons.
    1. It's excellence in field of electronics (I am doing MicroElectroMechanical Engineering)
    2. It was not as expensive as US.
    3. The opportunity to experience life in Europe.

    This blog is going ...

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  3. Marketplace common sense!

    Tips and tricks of PG marketplace

    Pakgamers Marketplace

    hmmmm...where do i start, should i talk about the success and audience it offers to users unparalleled in Pakistan or should i wander off in the threads of zero dealing ethics and rules compromised?. We have all been there and done that and a nice little tips thread wouldn't hurt anyone, therefore i present some help
  4. When there was no hope for pakistani gamers, one Forum decided to step up: PAKGAMERS

    When there was no hope for pakistani gamers, one Forum decided to step up: PAKGAMERS
    Coming to an pc (with internet) near you

    We have all the characters here , to make a successful game ....startin shyber|chandoo|final fantasy love triangle..but
    The console war is = *samaaj ki dewaar*

    ANy ps3 owner (i.e nomad, CT = villian)
    all other No0obs are henchmen, doing the dirty work!

    usuf, radd, me == side roles, we just like ...
  5. UC2 , Mw2 ,As2, ME2 and now ..Intorducing the biggest sequel ever: PaKGAMERS 2 :D:P

    The season is full of sequels and this was one of the most anticipated ever ..* For a paki gamer atleast*:P

    where all developers have huge team writing scripts, working on design, creating banners, god knws how much more work; We have dedicated guys

    we kept our secret better than naughty dog, bio ware,infinity ward , Etc..
    Team pg has less leeks than any of them....

    though there are gna be more updates in recent times and small issues/glitches ...
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