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Thoughts of the schizophrenic

For those who can read.

  1. The awkward moment when the CIA sends you a Birthday card.

    Yes it really happened,no kidding.
    The story goes like this. On 8th of June 2016 a random woman from USA Rebecca Lyn felt sorry for her cousin Hailee who is not so popular in her school and had no guests on her 18th Birthday last year. Rebecca made a Public post on Facebook asking the world to feel in their hearts for her cousin and send her birthday cards. She also posted her cousin's home address. The post had a picture of a very sad and lonely Hailee sitting with her birthday cake while
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  2. A friday prayer

    "Abi Waqaas" was written on the tomb. It was a fairly old tomb,looked like hundreds of years old,outside a large mosque in china. The mosque itself looked like it had been built over centuries.Parts of it were old,and other parts were new.SOmebody told me that an old mosque exists somewhere in Guangzou,and it took me half a day to search it.
    The taxi driver whom i hired as my guide,first took me to a budhist temple,then a church,then some other place and finally to the moque. ...
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    Personal Diary
  3. Chucky of the chicken

    In late 1990s i was regular visitor to china. Then china was still developing and not the developed nation as they are today. Foreigners used to get lot of attention,and that included me. It felt so nice being the center of attention while in the market,and people approaching us at random and trying to communicate with us in broken English. Many Chinese thought that there are only two languages spoken in the world. Chinese in china,and the rest of the world speaks English
    I had to stay ...

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